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About All Access Estates

Being an organization in the luxury real estate sector, All Access Estates was looking for a way to strengthen its global presence and serve a potential audience beyond geographical limitations. CallHippo helped the team in achieving this objective along with improving the quality of sales.

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How CallHippo Is Helping All Access Estates In Disrupting The Real Estate Sector?

About All Access Estates:

All Access Estates is a luxury international real estate company. The organization is a collection of seasoned international brokers and managers, who are primarily based out of New York City. All Access Estates extends the highest quality real estate client services to the most prestigious cities in the world including, but not limited to, New York, London, and Dubai.

The team prides itself in delivering the best services to the international luxury real estate marketplace. The organization aims to offer a personalized client experience; therefore, they offer a wide range of services, such as real estate investment opportunities, property management services, and international market intelligence.

CallHippo Case Study with All Access Estates


The teams at All Access Estates are devoted to serving their clients beyond geographical boundaries. But they were facing a hindrance in their way of being present for their audiences that are spread across the globe. Serving their customers without the restriction of location and time was a big challenge for the organization. As a result, they were unable to truly connect with their customers and potential market across the globe.


All Access Estates found a perfect solution for their communication problems in CallHippo. The team at CallHippo understood the intricacies of their concerns and devised a solution that perfectly fit the organization’s needs. Used majorly by their sales team, the business phone system became the strong link that bridged the gap between All Access Estates and their audiences across multiple geographies. The myriad of features offered by CallHippo helped the organization in establishing a seamless communication channel with its customers.


Within a short period, All Access Estates was able to witness the benefits of using CallHippo.

Here are some of the most evident results:

  • Enhanced Quality Of Sales:
  • With CallHippo, the organization was able to significantly strengthen its communication and reach out to its audiences more effectively. As a result, they were able to see a substantial improvement in the quality of sales.

  • Ease Of Operations:
  • As CallHippo has a very user-friendly interface, it was easy for team members to use. They were easily able to grasp the features and make the most of them based on their objectives.

  • Simplified Calling:
  • The sales team found it easy to call their potential audiences and customers with CallHippo. This ease propelled their productivity and helped them save time.

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I was using another cloud phone system which was pretty bad. Long delays, many calls disconnected—it was almost impossible. I switched to CallHippo and it was a massive improvement. Almost imperceptible delay, very clear audio quality—customers do not even realize I'm not in the country.

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Joshua Carmody, CEO Bracketdesign

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