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A 360-degree event management company, ANY Global is considered as the foremost promoter of international summits and conferences. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Any Global has hosted more than 40 conferences and summits across the globe. As one of the pioneers in this highly competitive events market, ANY Global aims to be the one-stop destination for all offline and online events related to information exchange, networking, marketing, skills transfer, and other tools needed for executives across a large variety of professions, industries, and careers.

ANY Global offers tailor-made experiences to provide their consumers with the key learnings that they are seeking, and not the other way round. ANY Global is known for inviting the world’s leading keynote speakers, hosts, and event planners to share their unique set of skills and experiences.

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ANY Global Scaled Up Rapidly Using CallHippo’s Integrated Solutions

ANY Global’s unique digital-led management approach and implementation of advanced technology promotes clutter breaking 360 experience. ANY Global has a team of efficient resources that has built a strong research base that categorically outlines best practice methods, utilizes and promotes data products, and helps provide support to all online communities.
CallHippo Case Study with ANY Global’s

Their business model required extensive networking and friction-less communication all days of the year. The biggest challenge for ANY Global was to cut down on their skyrocketing calling costs. The company was also facing glitches in call quality, which was a dangerous zone to enter for ANY business. The management decided to seek CallHippo’s professional intervention to solve its business communication problems.

Partnering with CallHippo To Drive Sales

By choosing CallHippo as a key service provider to revamp its communication strategy, ANY Global was ready for a transformation. ANY Global could now finally focus on their core business and maximize profits. It did not have to worry about the expenses or the quality of the business communication channels.

CallHippo ensured that ANY Global team members had unrestricted access to a diverse range of features that increased task flow management. Their integrated communication tools promoted data sharing, real-time call analytics, and team collaboration. CallHippo helped ANY Global conduct business communication without ANY hindrances and enjoyed apex voice quality.

What Features Worked For ANY Global’s Business Strategy?

ANY Global benefitted explicitly from the two features of CallHippo that are call recording and call reports. The call recording feature helped ANY Global record conversations with potential job seekers and clients. The automatic call recordings were stored in the cloud and could be downloaded for training and development purposes.

Call analytics is another feature that helped ANY Global track key metrics for better performance. CallHippo’s advanced report generation abilities enabled managers to monitor the number of calls, time duration, region, and average wait time. They could dig deep to analyze these metrics and aid in informed decision-making. These reports could be shared across departments for enhanced business transparency and accountability.

Successful Performance Optimization

ANY Global has profusely scaled up its business by using innovative features of CallHippo, thereby increasing sales and customer satisfaction. With access to high-quality and affordable communication solutions, ANY Global has experienced exponential growth and profits like never before.

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