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About Bizom

A mobile-first SaaS-based technology, Bizom leverages the power of data analytics and automation to streamline downstream supply and increase sales. Bizom’s modules include distributor management systems, retail execution, and sales force automation. These have helped organizations level up their sales and improve team efficiency. Moreover, it also uses AI and ML to deliver custom reports, alerts and actionable insights to brands.

With 13+ years of industry experience, Bizom has helped startups, ventures and organizations improve sales and generate revenues. Bizom believes in building long-term relationships and helping clients focus on their core business.

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How Bizom Seamlessly Integrated with CallHippo’s Business Phone System?

A leading sales automation company, Bizom started with a drive to empower field sales and supply chain workers with technology and data. Over the span of 8 years, the company has enabled 150+ employees and 500+ enterprise customers with its cutting edge sales solutions. With a thorough understanding of sales processes across different industries, Bizom’s technical roots go deep, and they thrive on building new products and providing extraordinary services to customers.

Challenges faced by Bizom before Deploying CallHippo

Bizom was struggling with call routings and needed toll-free numbers to improve customer interactions. While Bizom was well equipped to take 24/7 calls from its customers, the team was keen on having a customer relationship management solution to better support their clients. Also, they wanted a landline number that connected with their team’s mobiles. This is where Bizom decided to try out CallHippo’s virtual calling solution!

How CallHippo helped Bizom streamline its Operations?

1. Multiple Third-party Integrations

With CallHippo allowing multiple third-party integrations, the team at Bizom saved time switching between applications to update notes and getting information. This helped the company improve its workflow and increase team productivity.

2.Easy Access to Information

CallHippo allows easy synchronization of contacts and activities between different platforms. Thus, the teams using the platform have easy access to the latest information about the callers at any given time. This feature enabled Bizom to serve its customers better and save time spent on searching for information. With CallHippo, Bizom managed to have all the information on a single platform.

3. Call Routings and Toll-Free Numbers

CallHippo provided Bizom with cost-effective call routing solutions and toll-free numbers for better interactions with customers. Moreover, with CallHippo’s call recording facility, Bizom could mainly resolve its process issues.

4. Web browser Calling

CallHippo works well with all browsers. Moreover, organizations can easily set up a CallHippo call center in their browser without any need for external hardware or wiring extensions. This came as an added benefit for Bizom as they started receiving calls right from their web browser, thus saving time on manual dialing.

Which Feature of CallHippo did Bizom like the most?

One feature of CallHippo that Bizom likes the most is background noise cancelation. The team believes it is an excellent feature for remote employees and people working from home due to the COVID-19 crisis.

CallHippo enabled the team at Bizom to take their performance to the next level with features like call-rerouting, call recording, and an intuitive dashboard.

If you are looking for an all-in-one virtual phone system for your business, CallHippo is the right solution! Contact us for more details at support@callhippo.com .

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