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Bottega University is an advanced and fully accredited University that enables students to pursue education through distance learning. It offers a variety of courses with a streamlined robust curriculum through a flexible format. The Bottega University was founded on the basic premise that independent learning can provide better educational experiences than formal classroom instruction.

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How Bottega University Enhanced Communication Efficiency With CallHippo?

Bottega University has the one-stop mission to provide flexible and high-quality distance education to students across the globe. It leverages advances in technology to provide a dynamic learning environment that thrives on innovation.

Creating an affordable tuition model accessible and of high value is the prime focus of Bottega University. Since their major target audience is the international student community, Bottega needed to collaborate with a reliable VoIP service provider to streamline their business communication processes. A comprehensive platform to share information and provide 24/7 support to remote students was their immediate requirement.

Case Study - CallHippo


Aiming to provide round-the-clock support to the distance learning student community led to several communication problems for Bottega University. Mounting call expenses, quality issues, and inefficient time-zone management were some key problems. They needed a unified VoIP solution that seamlessly integrated with other technologies being adopted by the University leadership.

Here are communication challenges Bottega University was facing:

  • An economic VoIP service provider was needed so that administrators and educators could make calls to students cost-effectively
  • Bottega University needed a communication platform that was accessible, routable, and reviewable to internal team members at all times
  • With staff members located in different geographical locations, Bottega University was facing problems with planning calls and efficient routing
  • With high volumes of sensitive student data involved, there were privacy concerns that needed to be addressed before choosing a VoIP service provider


As soon as Bottega University deployed CallHippo, they noticed a significant increase in communication efficiency and internal business processes. CallHippo was linked directly to the University website, and a quick calling link made it easy for global audiences to contact the University staff in a few seconds!

CallHippo provided Bottega University with a rich, user-friendly interface that would be useful for the four major A’s - Admissions, Academics, Accounting, and Administration departments. Let’s have a look at how CallHippo’s advanced solutions benefited Bottega University:

  • The University academic and administrative staff were able to streamline calling operations as CallHippo allowed them to function efficiently with five lines and six users
  • Various innovative features helped to save time and boost task efficiency; for example - the SMS feature could be used to elicit a faster response from students than phone calls
  • Bottega University ensures that teachers, counselors, and administrators remained accessible to the global student community through efficient call routing and planning
  • Recording notes during calls made it easy to migrate information to other tools and information systems and enhanced the overall call experience


Bottega University witnessed a radical increase in key bottom-line metrics and productivity after deploying CallHippo virtual phone services. The team received complete training regarding CallHippo’s system functionality to overcome any usability issues. The intuitive dashboard, coupled with novel features, helped Bottega University connect easily with global student audiences and ironed out all difficulties faced previously.

CallHippo feels honored to help Bottega University reach a viable solution to combat connectivity issues. If you are looking to upgrade your telephony system, please reach us at support@callhippo.com.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: October 19, 2021