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About HP Energy

Achieving energy efficiency is one of the most exciting growth markets in the world. HP Energy is one such energy efficiency financing, project development, and project management firm. While it has been in the market for a short span of time, it has managed to spread its technological expertise across continents.

HP Energy has established strategic relations with world-class execution partners. These include leaders in design, construction, and engineering. Thus, ensuring the whole energy efficiency value chain is covered.

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Here Is How CallHippo Helped HP Energy With Its Cloud Telephony Solution?

In the budding energy efficiency segment, companies are growing and expanding rapidly, and it requires constant efforts to stay at the top. Moreover, homes and office spaces are relying on solar panels to fulfill their energy requirements. HP Energy is one such firm in Australia.

It specializes in offering solar consultation designs for its clients and thus helping them fulfill their energy requirements. They ensure that their clients stay informed 24/7 and get adequate support and training.

CallHippo Case Study with HP Energy

Challenges Faced by HP Energy before deploying CallHippo

While HP Energy was doing exceptionally well on the customer front, it was looking for a more flexible way of calling its clients. Moreover, they wanted to establish a robust reporting system that would let them track performance. They observed that their reporting metrics were redundant, and it took a lot of time to prepare them. This led to a disparity in statistics and decreased operational efficiency.

This is where they decided to connect with CallHippo!

How CallHippo Helped HP Energy Overcome Its Challenges?

Deploying CallHippo to meet their communication and reporting news proved quite beneficial for HP Energy. At first, they managed to connect with all their clients on a single platform.

With CallHippo’s IVR functionality, their clients can now connect with the right team member at the right time directly. Thus, they started saving 30% of their time daily, which is now utilized for research and development purposes.

Furthermore, HP Energy could set the frequency of reports and get them in their mail when needed. With team performance tracking now easier, HP Energy could better focus on guaranteeing employee satisfaction.

How Is HP Energy Making The Most Out Of CallHippo’s Business Phone System?

Moreover, the HP Energy sales team is leveraging CallHippo to make calls to their leads and to guide them through their services effectively.

Besides, taking follow-ups has become easier as they can now refer to the call recordings to gauge their customers’ previous conversations.

Their team says that CallHippo’s SMS feature and calling give them an added advantage of having all communications on one platform. Hence, CallHippo aided the HP Energy team in streamlining all its time-consuming, complex processes.

Which Feature Of CallHippo Did HP Energy Like The Most?

Call Analytics has helped the HP Energy team keep the sales team’s KPIs in check, which was very difficult earlier. Moreover, CallHippo’s a custom caller ID is a favorite among the HP Energy team. This has helped them connect better with offshore clients.

With functionalities like call recording, speech analytics, and offering feedback in real-time, the HP Energy team is empowered to have a quick insight into their team’s performance.

Result :

With a consistent improvement in the quality of services, HP Energy managed to increase its client base, track calls, and better bonding with employees.

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