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About Human Development Solutions

Market research is a crucial process that every business undertakes; however, finding mediums that help in effectively conducting it is a tough nut to crack. This case study takes you through the journey of Human Development Solutions, who were looking for ways to do effective market research and found their solution in CallHippo. In addition to this, the services offered by the latter helped the former in enhancing its business and the quality of sales.

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Help In Market Research-How CallHippo Empowered Human Development Solutions To Do Effective Market Research?

About Human Development Solutions:

Human Development Solutions focuses on building solutions that empower people working in an organizational setup with the right skills, knowledge, and self-belief to make a lasting impact. The organization aims to develop human talent in a manner that a world is created where people have the power to leverage their potential.

With the main vision of building focused organizations that keep value creation for stakeholders at their core, Human Development Solutions is delivering ROI and business results. The firm specializes in consulting with business leaders, experts, and employees to understand the depth of their existing reality, and then designs a learning journey that is in sync with their business objectives.

CallHippo Case Study with Human Development


In an attempt to develop human talent, the teams at Human Development Solutions are required to do a lot of research. This research is time-consuming, the basis of all fundamental decisions, and critical in formulating the learning paths ahead. Although there are multiple sources from which data can be gathered, one of the key sources is human-to-human interaction. Now, in order to execute this action, the team at Human Development Solutions was facing a classic issue, a hindrance in the path of smooth and effective communication. This roadblock was affecting their business along with the ability to conduct market research.


In order to overcome this challenge of conducting effective market research, Human Development Solutions was looking for a way to connect smartly with people without any hassles. This search brought them to CallHippo. The team at CallHippo understood their needs and offered solutions that truly empowered them in doing market research.

CallHippo’s easy interface along with a myriad of diverse features helped the marketing team at Human Development Solutions in reaching out to people, maintaining crucial data, and analyzing their progress. Their team also believes that by using CallHippo, their process has been simplified to a great extent.


Human Development Solutions, especially their marketing team, has benefitted immensely from using CallHippo. Here are some of the most notable results:

  • By using CallHippo, the process has become really easy.
  • Features such as Call Recording and Call Forwarding have proved out to be really beneficial in empowering the team to communicate effectively.
  • The calling works very well for them and is taking them on the journey of enhancing revenue streams.
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