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About Netset

Netset is a premium software development MNC focussed on developing innovative solutions that help in seamless digital transformation for their global clientele. This ISO-certified organization has 10+ years of expertise in software and mobile app development, e-commerce solutions, Blockchain development, and other customized software services. Netset is renowned for seamlessly combining business strategy, technology, and business intelligence to help clients achieve durable growth. This mid-sized organization caters primarily to clients that need custom software products (web & mobile), digital marketing, and software testing.

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How Netset Utilized CallHippo To Improve Performance Levels

Netset has clients all over the world, and after a decade of success, they were finally ready to expand and scale-up. The company’s sales and marketing team were primarily responsible for the implementation of the expansion plan. However, catering to more and more clients throughout the globe incurred additional costs. Moreover, the team had to use a combination of applications to get their work done, which increased workload and consumed time.

CallHippo Case Study with Netset software

Having multiple applications to work on deteriorated the marketing team’s productivity as data from one system needed to be fed into another system time and again. This slowed down the company’s progress and made connecting with global prospects even more challenging.

Using CallHippo’s technology, Netset ensured global connectivity, which facilitated the expansion and empowered their marketing team. Working on an integrated platform greatly simplified workflows for Netset’s sales team and made it easier to communicate with clients from the world over.


Since Netset caters to clients worldwide, improving global connectivity was imperative to its growth. However, the growing costs and loss of man-hours in maintaining a chain of applications were major concerns for its management team. Using different platforms to call different countries was both hectic and error-prone for its staff.

Netset needed a reliable VoIP provider that could help make inexpensive international calls and expand globally. However, employees previously had to juggle between different platforms for calling different countries, which consumed more time and money.

Here are the key challenges that Netset was facing for quite some time:

  • Netset needed an effective SaaS solution that could improve global connectivity.
  • The company required a single platform using which all international calls could be made cost-effectively.
  • Netset was in need of an integrated platform that simplified workflow and improved productivity.
  • Lastly, the company needed a solution that minimized downtime while switching over, ensuring that marketing efforts aren’t hampered in any way.


CallHippo’s technology team closely analyzed the problems faced by Netset. It replaced multiple legacy applications swiftly and offered a superior call management system that simplified workflows, integrated smoothly with existing systems, and reduced operating costs.

Now let’s look at how the company benefited from switching over to CallHippo:

  • Integration with Hubspot helped Netset’s marketing team automate the sales and lead generation process.
  • The switch to a single integrated platform simplified the process greatly for their sales team.
  • Netset saw an increase in productivity by 30% after switching to CallHippo.

Netset is now able to communicate and generate leads all over the globe using an integrated system while also lowering costs.

Summary :

CallHippo is glad to have been able to help Netset in improving its productivity, reducing costs, and simplifying workflows. Does your business also need a technology upgrade through a modern business phone system?

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