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About Optic Blaze

Optic Blaze is a leading professional design, web, and marketing solutions provider. The firm’s cutting edge web and marketing solutions help companies better understand their potential customers, products, and services in a simple and interesting manner.

With 15+ years of industry experience, Optic Blaze thrives on providing quality service to its clients. Moreover, the firm follows an end-to-end approach to design & marketing. Thus, allowing your business to deliver a consistent message across many platforms.

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Here Is How CallHippo Helped Optic Blaze Resolve Connectivity Issues?

In the ever-evolving business landscape, marketing firms that offer multiple business solutions manage to retain most of the customers. As a result, clients look for a solution provider that can help them build the right image and engage with the right audience.

Optic Blaze is one such organization in South Africa that offers it clients cutting-edge web design, graphic and digital marketing services.

The firm believes that quality work and keeping up with the latest technology are essential to building customer loyalty. They ensure that their clients are always a step ahead of their competitors and get the maximum benefits.

CallHippo Case Study with Optic Blaze

Challenges faced by Optic Blaze Before Using CallHippo

With a niche clientele, Optic Blaze felt that it needed to revamp its communication systems. While they had call management in place, it failed to provide the desired connectivity. Call lags, lack of agent training and lack of call analytics were some of the issues that Optic Blaze was facing.

As a result, the company was losing out on potential clients and could not fully support customers. Moreover, it led to delays in complaint resolution. This is where Optic Blaze decided to try out the CallHippo platform!

How CallHippo Helped Optic Blaze Overcome Its Challenges?

Joining hands with CallHippo proved to be of immense benefit for Optic Blaze:

  • Optic Blaze was able to solve customer complaints and serve them better.
  • It managed to cut down on resources spent on-call management with CallHippo’s affordable solutions.
  • CallHippo offered free numbers that came with plan benefits. Thus helping Optic Blaze onboard new customers and build trust with them.

How is Optic Blaze Making the Most of CallHippo’s Business Phone System?

Optic Blaze is leveraging CallHippo to solve connectivity issues and connect with potential customers. Additionally, they could also improve their channels of communication with CallHippo’s call tracking features. The Optic Blaze team further said that observing agents’ performance comes as an added advantage.

Moreover, integrating CallHippo also helped Optic Blaze boost its revenue by 20% in just three months. When clients approached Optic Blaze via email, SMS, or any other medium, they could promptly revert with a counter-text. Furthermore, CallHippo also provided dedicated dashboard access for all Optic Blaze users.

Which feature of CallHippo did Optic Blaze like the most?

CallHippo has helped Optic Blaze keep a close track of their agents’ performance. This has helped Optic Blaze increase productivity and improvise their services.

Moreover, CallHippo also offered features like advanced reporting, call recording, and access to real-time feedback. Thus, enabling Optic Blaze to get quick insights into their team’s performance at any given time.


With a marked improvement in the quality of services, Optic Blaze could easily solve their communication-related issues and improve customer satisfaction.

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