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About PR Medical Events

PR Medical Events is a tour operator agency that provides hotel accommodation and complete group travel services to medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies. They also organize medical congresses and conferences for them. The company has a team of multi-cultural, passionate, and creative professionals who understand and know how to sustain the value of a brand’s equity by providing quality travel services worldwide. It is only possible by maintaining a good relationship with reliable partners, suppliers, agencies, and hotels.

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How PR Medical Events Leveraged CallHippo and Improved Their Professional Relationships?

PR Medical Events is responsible for overseeing every single detail related to the conferences — from registration to taking care of accommodations. They assign a dedicated coordinator to every single group, responsible for taking care of the client’s needs. Despite this, they were facing trouble in maintaining a steady flow of communication with their teammates and clients.

They needed a sophisticated system that could streamline their calls and keep them productively engaged with their clients. But at the same time, they needed an affordable SaaS solution that would fulfill their requirements right in their budget.

CallHippo Case Study with 10XBiZ
PR Medical Events found out about CallHippo from one of their employees and started using it. CallHippo’s virtual calling system allowed them to build smooth workflows for the sales and support team. It helped them deliver their daily calling commitments like a pro. This paved way for more satisfied clients and more incoming events requests.

Challenges :

PR Medical Events needed an enterprise telephony system that had a global connect feature and unlimited call recording facility. With worldwide operations, the company required flexibility on the phone numbers it could choose.

Here is the set of challenges PR Medical Events was facing:

  • PR Medical Events was having trouble finding a user-friendly and cost-effective SaaS solution that could solve their communication problem
  • They also needed flexibility on phone numbers as they have operations spread across multiple countries
  • They need to reduce their sales team load in dealing with clients/partners in different time zones
  • Call management and resolving customer queries was consuming a significant amount of time

Solutions :

When they reached out to CallHippo, we tried to first understand and analyze the problem they were facing. They required a user-friendly call solution that allowed them to keep a tab on all call connections and interact with potential clients.

So we connected them to our Silver Plan that fitted right into their solutions.

Let us look at how the company benefited after installing CallHippo.

  • CallHippo met the requirement for flexibility on virtual numbers in the countries from which PR Medical Events operates
  • CallHippo gave them the freedom to manage multiple calls, giving instant service to their clients
  • CallHippo fulfilled the requirement on virtual numbers for different countries
  • It allowed them to check the time of the country they were calling
  • With CallHippo’s integration with third-party applications, they were able to streamline their entire business operations
  • CallHippo allowed them to be more prompt with their service, keeping their customers happy
  • With its call analytics features, they were able to measure the percentage of missed calls, the call load of each teammate, etc.
  • Call Live Monitoring enabled them to train their sales and support team better, increasing their engagement rate
  • Most importantly, with CallHippo’s 24*7 support system, they were able to immediately solve any technical difficulty they faced

CallHippo served as the flexible, user-friendly, and affordable Saas solution for all their communication issues.

Summary :

We feel honored to help PR Medical Events find a solution that helped them improve relationships with their clients. If you are looking to increase your sales, CallHippo can help. Please reach us at [email protected]

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I was using another cloud phone system which was pretty bad. Long delays, many calls disconnected—it was almost impossible. I switched to CallHippo and it was a massive improvement. Almost imperceptible delay, very clear audio quality—customers do not even realize I'm not in the country.

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