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Trusted by over 60,000 professionals globally, Purchasing and Procurement Center excels in providing world-class training programs since 2010. It has over 100+ online training modules and is a market leader in strategic sourcing, online learning management, and global procurement best practices. The company provides a myriad of services that include consulting, e-learning for teams, advertisements or sponsorships, and class training. Purchasing and Procurement Center has a strong team of established procurement professionals that achieve increased bottom-line results for their loyal client base.

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How CallHippo Helped Purchasing and Procurement Center Increase Productivity and Revenues By 30%

A product-based company, Purchasing and Procurement Center specializes in selling auto parts and accessories across the globe. With offices in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas, the organization has a strong presence worldwide and is growing rapidly. The company has been in operation for over a year and has a customer-centric focus aiming to deliver a superior experience to valuable patrons.

CallHippo Case Study with Purchasing and Procurement

Challenges Faced By Purchasing and Procurement Center Before Deploying CallHippo?

With a niche business clientele, Purchasing and Procurement Center has an active client base scattered across the globe. The company felt the need to revamp its communication system as many customers were wary of calling overseas numbers. The main problem was that the organization was using only one business phone, irrespective of where the prospects or customers were located. Besides, the Purchasing and Procurement Center was also facing connectivity and voice quality issues leading to a poor customer experience.

How CallHippo Helped Purchasing and Procurement Center Overcome Its Challenges?

CallHippo conducted a detailed analysis of all the communication problems faced by the Purchasing and Procurement Center. They could resolve all their challenges by adopting business phone numbers that allowed employees to communicate with customers and increased accessibility seamlessly.

The most obvious advantage for Purchasing and Procurement Center was the world-class service provided by the mobile application where all calls were recorded and stored. CallHippo phone systems improved the call quality, reduced technical glitches, and helped establish a local presence for clients across the globe.

Which Feature Of CallHippo Did Purchasing and Procurement Center Like The Most?

Purchasing and Procurement Center witnessed a massive jump in operational efficiency and profitability after deploying CallHippo services. The company found the customized voicemail, call forwarding, and intuitive mobile application to be highly effective in enhancing customer service. The best part about the CallHippo team was that they were highly responsive and made the transition super easy by providing in-depth product training whenever required. The affordable rates, ease of sign-up, and user-friendly interface ensured that the Purchasing and Procurement Center adopted the new system without any hassles or roadblocks.


By implementing CallHippo’s advanced services, the Purchasing and Procurement Center dramatically improved operational efficiency. It resolved all communication glitches, enhanced call quality, and provided a better customer service experience.

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