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Social Pilot is a software product which helps online sellers to integrate the online stores with the social media marketing which is useful in product promotion . Social Pilot supports the integration of E-commerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Etsy, WooCommerce, Linnworks to the social media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram etc which have millions of users and followers.

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How Social Pilot Used CallHippo To Increase Its Revenue By 9.3%

In the modern eCommerce world, the best way to increase sales is to reach out to new customers that haven’t bought from you previously, and make a good impression. Social Media allows you to promote your new stock and best deals to people who then with their sharing behaviour promotes your products to their friends and family.

This is where Social Pilot comes into the picture. Social Pilot is designed to tie your eCommerce platforms to your Social Media accounts. With Social Pilot , you can post simultaneously to the main social networks, and prepare and schedule your marketing or promotional content days or weeks in advance to ensure consistency and quality. By planning and preparing ahead, and scheduling your activities, you have time to maintain quality and impress your customers with more than just your prices.

With Social Pilot’s curated feeds, you can pass interesting articles out via social media to keep your customers interested, and ensure that your posts will appear high in their activity feeds with minimal work from your part.

Social Pilot’s Problem

Social Pilot provides Social Media marketing tools for online sellers. It connects the social media markets to the online store accounts of a customer and thereby increases the visibility of the online store. Being a budding enterprise, Social Pilot was looking to expand its customer support service and grow its customer base all over the World. Efficient and affordable transnational communication is very important for this and hence they were looking for feasible options through which they can get phone numbers of countries all around the World, and that too at affordable rates.

This is when someone suggested CallHippo to them. They approached us to help them build a global customer support team through our cloud-based virtual phone system.

How Social Pilot Used And Benefited From CallHippo?

Social Pilot approached CallHippo for a solution towards building an efficient customer support team as well as a strong sales team. As Social Pilot has its support team in India, & sales team in US, maintaining sales and customer support in various different countries became a humongous task for them.

With CallHippo, Social Pilot bought phone numbers of different countries where they had their customer base. Since CallHippo’s virtual phone system can be integrated and connected easily, the entire system of customer support and sales at Social Pilot was streamlined in just a few days. As Social Pilot Founder Jimit Bagadiya rightly puts it,“My team was able to connect and communicate with their worldwide customers efficiently – all thanks to CallHippo. It helped us improve our customer support which in turn increased our business.”

How Social Pilot’s Sales Team Used Callhippo?

Social Pilot’s sales team used CallHippo’s feature of setting working hours which helped them effectively manage the prospects in various countries and time zones. With CallHippo, calls can be made from PCs, Mac, and smartphones, and hence Social Pilot’s sales teams did not have to install any extra hardware or software for connecting with their prospects. The sales team members are extremely happy with CallHippo. The best part is that CallHippo offers the most affordable virtual phone system.

How Social Pilot’s Customer Support Team Used CallHippo?

Social Pilot was looking to build a strong global customer support team. By using CallHippo, Social Pilot was able to get localized phone numbers in various countries which made the job easier and much affordable. And when customers got to interact through a local phone number, they were very much at ease.

The other interesting feature by CallHippo which made it easier for Social Pilot is that they could now receive voice mails. This helped the customer care executives in not missing any query or complaint raised by the customers.

Jimit further adds, “The number portability feature provided by CallHippo allowed our executives to retain the phone number even when switching to another service provider. Also, the way in which calls can be forwarded to the cellphones of the customer support executives has given a lot of flexibility to our customer support executives.”

The calls can also be transferred after knowing whether the customer support executive is actually present or not. This reduces the embarrassment of the call not being received by the customer support executive and thereby increases the goodwill of the team in the customer’s eyes.

Moreover, when customers get the call from local numbers, they are at ease to share their requirements or feedback. CallHippo has made this possible by providing the local phone numbers of different countries without additional charges. This helped Social Pilot drastically increase their customer retention rate.


Social Pilot was able to improve their customer support drastically by using the features of CallHippo. Using the call analytics feature, Social Pilot was able to find the drawbacks and they were able to improve their team performance in a very short period.

The call recording facility provided by CallHippo was very useful to improve the performance of both sales and customer support teams. The call analytics and call recordings gave a chance to know the performance of the individual members of the team, their strengths and also weaknesses which were then rectified. This helped in improving customer satisfaction and in turn brought in more customers for Social Pilot!

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