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About TalentSpark

TalentSpark helps recruitment agencies and corporate clients build a talent pool and streamline the hiring process. With decades of experience in the BPO and RPO industry, TalentSpark has built a strong advisory board and has clients spanning the US market and Asia’s regional hubs. The firm’s highly skilled talent consultants and HR analysts use the latest technology to deliver the highest levels of market mapping and business intelligence, lead generation, and candidate sourcing.

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Here is How CallHippo Helped TalentSpark Solve Its Communication Issues?

In the fierce recruiting market, organizations are using the latest tools to hire the best talent. Companies need to do a thorough background check, analyze skill sets and keep up with industry trends to gain a competitive edge. One such company that has managed to build its name in the market is TalentSpark. It is one of the leading recruitment firms in the United States.
CallHippo Case Study with TalentSpark

Challenges faced by TalentSpark before deploying CallHippo

With a growing client base, TalentSpark wanted to improve its call quality and shorten its complaint resolution time. The firm was using Skype earlier, but its sales team was looking for a solution that offered flexibility, advanced reporting features, and calls recording capabilities.

While TalentSpark was able to address customer issues, it got frequent calls on its personal phone number. Communicating the same information to the team involved a lot of resources and time. Thus, resulting in intermittent delays and disturbances in routine commitments.

How CallHippo Helped TalentSpark Deal With Its Challenges?

Having CallHippo onboard, TalentSpark was able to streamline and meet their communication needs. The firm also managed to onboard new clients and established a great rapport with them.

Moreover, clients could directly contact TalentSpark at any given time and connect with an agent to solve their queries. Thus, they managed to save 20% of their time daily, which is now used to hire fresh talent business issues and provide an extraordinary customer experience.

How Is TalentSpark Making The Most Out Of CallHippo’s Virtual Phone System?

TalentSpark’s sales team started making calls with prospective customers with CallHippo’s virtual phone system. This helped them take follow-ups with ease and analyze call recordings to observe the flow of conversations with customers.

Furthermore, CallHippo’s SMS feature gave them an added advantage of having all communications under a single platform. When their clients approached them via an SMS or email, they could quickly revert with a possible solution.

CallHippo successfully empowered the TalentSpark team to eliminate redundant processes and reduce time spent on streamlining communication. Thus, helping them boost their revenue by 30% in just three months.

Which Feature Of CallHippo Did TalentSpark Like The Most?

CallHippo helped TalentSpark get all the benefits of a virtual phone system without binding them into a contract. Moreover, the platform is extremely easy to use, and the TalentSpark team quickly got hold of it.

Moreover, TalentSpark bid goodbye to its scaling issues with CallHippo. The icing on the cake was the 24/7 support offered to the firm. This helped TalentSpark get faster insights into team performance and better serve their clients.

Result :

With a marked improvement in the quality of services, TalentSpark managed to solve its communication glitches and increased team productivity significantly.

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I was using another cloud phone system which was pretty bad. Long delays, many calls disconnected—it was almost impossible. I switched to CallHippo and it was a massive improvement. Almost imperceptible delay, very clear audio quality—customers do not even realize I'm not in the country.

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