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About Wisdom Market Research

Wisdom Market Research follows the DIKW model to fulfill its end-to-end research process. The company derives its name from its employees’ sheer dedication to delivering end-to-end high-quality research data to the clients, ranging from raw facts to crucial actionable insights. Their seamless process allows them to collect raw data from numerous sources including company websites, industry experts, annual reports, and paid databases. After collecting the smallest piece of information on the topic under study, professionals at Wisdom Market Research process large volumes of data, set their priorities, classify them, identify the hidden patterns, and extract key information from it. This helps them visualization and analysis information exactly as per specific research objectives.

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How Has CallHippo Helped Wisdom Market Research With Its Cloud Telephony Solutions?

With a manpower of 20 skilled individuals, Wisdom Market Research derives meaningful information and focuses on crucial analyst comments, predictive modeling, and expert opinions to analyze the current and future market trends.

Started just 9 months ago, they vow to offer critical business data for businesses of all types, including ones operating across countries or ones running a retail store. They also cater to any company operating in the field of Information and Communication Technology, Semiconductor and Electronics, Healthcare, Food and Beverages, Aerospace and Defense, Food and Beverages, Energy and Power.

CallHippo Case Study with Wisdom Market Research

Their aim is to be the most trustworthy and reliable market research partner of all companies operating in the areas mentioned above.

What Are the Challenges Faced by Wisdom Market Research before Deploying CallHippo?

They wanted a good and cost-effective solution that’d help them easily interact with their customers worldwide.

In the highly competitive world of business, it is mandatory for companies to generate leads and convert them into loyal customers. Conversion is not a one-time thing, which is why many several organizations reach out and outsource help from on-demand sales services to boost their conversion rates. Wisdom Market Research is a thorough research place that provides valuable data insights to its clients, for better business conversions, profits, and more.

The company strongly believes in delivering quality research analysis that can help pts clients worldwide generate sustainable revenue. Their focus is to ensure their clients are always a step ahead in the competitive business world.

Which Feature of CallHippo did Wisdom Market Research Like the Most?

The company like all the features CallHippo provides, but they specially favored communication modes, dashboard, support service and similar options it contains.

The best feature about CallHippo’s Mobile app is that they did not miss any single call. And there was no need to just sit at one place.

This has been the perfect product for the Wisdom Market Research team and they fully plan to run their sales operations through it.

How Is Wisdom Market Research Making the Most of CallHippo’s Business Phone System?

CallHippo has helped the Wisdom Market Research team to closely check on how their agents are performing. CallHippo has helped the company increase its overall productivity and made the services they offer more efficient. By using CallHippo’s distinguished functions like call recording, report facilities, and offering feedback in real-time, they can now have quick insight into how their team is performing any time they want.

Wisdom Market Research is in love with CallHippo’s background noise cancelling feature. This feature has been very helpful in managing remote employees and people working from home due coronavirus pandemic.

If you are looking for a stellar virtual phone system for your business, CallHippo is the right solution! You can reach us at support@callhippo.com

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