With calls still a preferred method for customer support, it becomes of utmost importance for your business to drive business leveraging calling. Businesses these days want to be customer-centric but often struggle in balancing customer experience and operational effectiveness.

In 2020, success is defined by providing seamless customer experience and not the talk time. You establish yourself in the market, you need to deliver more leads, more sales, and more revenue through the phone.  

What is a call center campaign? 

A call center campaign is an effort to drive more business by proactively handling sales calls. From there, you can segment the calls by region, customer type, or goal. 

You can use call campaigns to meet key business goals, such as qualifying prospects, closing more sales, or enhancing customer service.

So, here are 6  tips to improve your campaign reach and drive more revenue 

1. Deliver consistent customer experience

It goes without a saying that providing outstanding customer service is vital to pave your way to the top and to generate long-term financial rewards. 

However, you need to vet whether you are providing great customer service? One method of doing so is by delving beyond your KRAs and KPIs. 

2. Roles and responsibilities of the Sales and Service Consultants should be defined 

Do your customer care executives take orders or they pursue sales opportunities? For optimizing the customer experience, you must encourage the sales team to persuade your prospects to buy rather than merely passing on the information. 

Along with that, be innovative while approaching a client. Train your teams to handle the queries better. 

3. Set expectations about the call quality and quantity 

To optimize the call center campaigns, organizations must set tangible expectations for their teams right from the beginning. Call quality outcomes such as call conversion and customer satisfaction must serve as an indicator to gauge the performance of the customer care executive. 

For instance, if an employee is taking longer than the ideal time to solve a query, then he/she must transfer the call to the right department, which eventually speeds up the process of resolving your customer issues.  


4. Monitor whether you and your employees are on the same page 

Your employees may not be able to sell effectively since they don’t carry the same emotion for your product as you. 

For example, let’s say; you’re running an insurance firm that sells mortgage protection insurance. Now, your employees might find it challenging to sell your products as they feel that the premiums are charged high as compared to their own earnings. 

This occurs as a significant emotional roadblock for them to pitch your products. To overcome this challenge, coach your employees with their line managers. These managers will explain what constitutes their target audience and how their products can impact their lives. 

5. Review the sequence of your call

The order in which services and products are represented has a profound impact on your employees while handling a sales call. Often, people don’t want to handle the hardest part of the call, as they’re not confident doing it. If you encourage your employees to take on the tough situations, in the beginning, they’ll find it easier to sell. Not only that, but it’ll also boost the confidence of your agents and help push the agendas of your outbound call campaigns

6. Develop an onboarding process 

Developing induction processes and development programs can play a pivotal role in customer retention and service. 

Call centers attract 18-24-year olds to kickstart their careers. The challenge for any organization to handle a workforce of such demographics is to provide a fun and rewarding environment, contributing holistically towards their growth. 

Set definite guidelines for onboarding recruits by consistently improving the performance of trainers and supervisors so that they can provide both planned and spontaneous support to the recruits. 

7. Get Insights On Your Marketing ROI

Are you tired of guesswork and worried about getting more leads?

Well, it is the right time to use call tracking software. It will help eliminate all guesswork and bring good leads. 

Moreover, you can use call tracking to assign different numbers for your marketing channels. Also, you can identify the advertisements that sent the most inbound leads. Thus, helping you improve the conversion rate. 

Moreover, integrating a call tracking tool with your CRM will display vital information about the caller. It will help you know their call history, location, and product interest. This will help you engage better with them and improve their call experience. 

Furthermore, based on their call history, the call can be directly routed to the sales or support team. 

Call center software features 

Below is a list of essential call center software features to run your inbound call campaign. Unlike the conventional phone service, call center software features are specifically built to handle high volume activities. They scale as your business scales up. 

  1. Automatic call distributor (ACD)- The ACD distributes calls to the right department in a stipulated time. 
  2. Call forwarding- It enables agents to transfer calls to the concerned person within a click. Hassle-free and quick forwarding is crucial if your call center campaigns are dependent on senior agents to close deals. 
  3. Call Monitoring- Call monitoring allows trainers and senior agents to see the performance of the junior agents and recruits. 
  4. Call Recording- You can use this feature for training and quality purpose. 
  5. Call Queue- Call Queues allow customers to wait for their turn when all agents are on other calls.
  6. Contact list- Digital contact list makes it easy for your agents to keep track of your calls. They help streamline the calling process. 
  7. CRM  Integration- This feature helps you in keeping a track record of all the customer interactions. A useful CRM tool helps in pushing your customers to complete the buyer’s journey. 
  8. Interactive voice recording: IVR helps in ensuring that the customer is directed to the right department through recording and dial pad. 

Wrapping Up

Want your call campaigns to work effectively? Follow the tips mentioned above. Along with that, adopt the latest trends to keep pace with your competitors. Meet customer expectations by using the latest technology. Make the most of the call center software and drive your call campaigns like a boss. All the best!

Updated : February 23, 2021


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