Innovative upgradation is what we at CallHippo swear by! Keeping up with the changing needs of our valued customers, we have integrated a whole new package of features in our VoIP services. 

Ranging from a world-class desktop application that comes with an unmatched UI and UX to the freedom for adding up to five numbers per contact; CallHippo is dedicated to staying on top of its game!

Allow us to walk you through the interesting features that are on the cards this month:


1. Add multiple numbers to contact card:  

We are currently living in times where people have multiple calling numbers at their disposal. One for each of their varied uses, for business as well as for pleasure. This simple fact egged us on to upgrade the number of phone numbers one can add per contact to five from the existing count of one. 

So basically, our users now have the freedom to add 5 phone numbers/contact, instead of the pre-existing one phone number/contact. You can now safely bid adieu to make a note of alternative numbers of the same person in phone diaries, etc.


2. Downloadable Desktop Application (BETA): 

We realized that having a web-based, Android, or iOS application is just not enough to make the cut in today’s aggressively digitalized times. So, we decided to come up with a downloadable desktop .exe application in the latest update.

This inevitably translates into turbo performance, easy access for agents and admin alike, and seamless user experience. 


3. One place access for multiple modules!

Simple, fast, effortless; these are pretty much the keywords that keep us going. So in the existing version, if you had to grant or deny access to any of the aforementioned modules, namely, desktop app, web dialer, mobile app, and/or SMS module, you had to ask the support desk to make the requisite changes.

In the new version, that stands changed. The whole process has become as simple as rubbing a magic lamp. 

Simply visit the web application, go to the settings, and then access module, voilà! You are now good to go! Deny or grant access to team members just with a couple of clicks at one portal. 


4. Customize the waiting time for queued calls: 

In the earlier version, if there were no available agents at the time of receiving a call, the caller would have to wait in the queue for a standard waiting time of 5 minutes. After this, the call would ultimately get transferred to the voicemail.

Now, in the latest update, the agents can customize the waiting time for queued calls from anywhere in the range of 1- 5 minutes, post which the call gets transferred to voicemail.


July'20 web update @callhippo


5. Add minimum available users to power dialer campaigns: 

 Power dialer campaigns are a boon for the sales team. This awesome feature now comes with an option to fix the minimum number of users at the time of creating a campaign. 

It is an upgrade to the existing version where only one available agent was fixed by default to run a particular campaign. Now, the campaign will only run its course if the fixed number of users is available.


6. Option for assigning campaigns to teams:

Catering to huge calling lists is anyways a challenge which we aimed to simplify with our Power Dialer feature. The administrator now has the liberty to assign the campaign to particular teams, for example, the night shift or day shift team instead of just assigning it to users.


7. Customized messages to greet callers when on leave/holiday: 

Striking the perfect work-play balance just got a lot easier with the option for adding customized voicemail messages when a call lands during an off day. 

The agent can direct calls to voicemail for the holiday period and also leave a customized message.

You can record something to the tunes of, “Hey thanks for reaching out! Your call is valuable to us, and we will be getting in touch with you by XYZ date.” So you can now, sit back and pop your favorite lager without worrying about losing out on customers!


July'20 web update @callhippo


8. Choose your preferred calling number while creating power dialer campaigns: 

CallHippo gives you the option of buying multiple numbers belonging to different countries. Suppose you have bought local numbers for the UK, the USA, and Spain, and you wish to create a power dialer campaign with the USA number. That is now very much possible with our new update. At the time of creating a campaign in power dialer, select the number you wish to be displayed while placing calls.

So if you need to call your USA clients on a particular campaign, you can select the USA number for executing the campaign pretty enticing, we say!


9. Enhanced agent productivity with new integrations: 

We as a team realize the importance of increasing individual productivity that ultimately benefits the whole organization. Therefore, we have added a total of twenty-three new integrations with platforms such as ActiveCampaign, Sendinblue, SurveyMonkey, ZOHO Mail, etc.


What’s more on the anvil?

We at CallHippo strive for perfection when it comes to providing unmatched VoIP services. So with each update that we roll out, you can be assured of experiencing the best-in-class upgrades to existing features in addition to new ones.

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