CallHippo is here again with its latest update release. And this time, it’s a major one!

At CallHippo, our team works tirelessly to bring about the changes in the cloud telephony solution to help users enhance their calling experience. We update and upgrade to ensure our users enjoy their journey with us.

This month at CallHippo, we have got some most-awaited updates for you. Right from ensuring uninterrupted calling experience to increasing your agents’ productivity, this release has got some functionalities that are highly time-saving. Hence, expanding your business will no longer be a matter of concern with CallHippo!

Without any further ado, let’s take a tour & get an insight into these updates.

CallHippo Web App Updates

1. Adding Numbers from the Dashboard is now a breeze

To expand your customer base globally, you need to build your customer’s trust by making them believe that they are being called locally. In its latest development, CallHippo enables its users to add numbers of a range of countries right from their dashboard. This includes Austria, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, and Switzerland. You can thus maintain a local presence in multiple geographic areas regardless of whether you have a physical office there or not.

2. Power Dialer (Beta)

Power Dialer ought to be the most-awaited feature release of CallHippo. There are few tasks more daunting than dealing with a long list of outbound calls to make. Whether you’re following-up with a list of clients or taking feedback about your product – our team at CallHippo has a solution that will make your life much easier. Thus, helping save time and ultimately leading to ramp up your productivity.

How does the Power Dialer work?

  • Once you login to your CallHippo Web App, navigate to the Power Dialer option
  • If you are an admin user, you can create a campaign, upload an excel document with all the contact details of your clients and assign multiple agents to a campaign.

Power Dialer

  • Whenever your assigned agents log in to their Web Dialer, their Power Dialer session will start automatically. However, they have the flexibility to start/end their session right from their Web Dialer.

Power Dialer

What CallHippo’s system will do is it will dial numbers in an orderly manner based on the contact list uploaded by you. If the client at the other end is available, then your agents will get connected to your client right away one-by-one. Thus, they will no longer fall prey to manual and repetitive dialing of numbers.

3. Smart Switch

Call quality is quintessential while serving clients or customers across disparate locations. We, at CallHippo, understand this completely. So, in this release of ours, we have introduced a smart switch on our dialer. With this smart switch, users can seamlessly switch between our telephony providers.

Power Dialer

Let’s say, for example; you have “A” as your default telephony provider. If you are facing any troubles with the call quality while making calls, you can power on the smart switch, and calls will be made from the “B” telephony provider; thus, ensuring better call quality.

What’s more?

Well, we, at CallHippo, always aim to deliver the best user experience. So, feel free to share with us what you would like to see in our next update!   

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