The coronavirus pandemic has shifted many businesses to remote work. This new work culture has given birth to a slew of new technologies and tools. Moreover, since the workforce is remote in this sort of work model, communication channels must be created effectively to enable a smooth communication flow between all of the company’s stakeholders. To meet this need, a new technology known as the hosted PBX system has come under the spotlight.

But what exactly is a hosted PBX system, how does it function, who are the top 10 hosted PBX providers for businesses in 2021, and why is it the perfect time to invest in a hosted small business phone system? Let’s find out the answers to all of these questions in the following sections.

How Hosted Pbx Works

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What Is A Hosted PBX System?

A hosted PBX is a cloud-based or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that provides businesses with reliable and secure phone service at affordable prices. Unlike traditional PBX, hosted PBX operates over the Internet, ensuring continuous connectivity and flexibility. Other functional benefits of hosted PBX service include improved analytics, mobility, and cost-effective operations.

As one might expect, there are many hosted PBX providers in the market, having a few pros and cons of the hosted phone system. Unfortunately, this means that selecting the one with the best features, plans, and customer service becomes challenging.

Hosted PBX Service

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the “Top 10 Hosted PBX Providers For Businesses In 2021” to help you learn more about each provider, their hosted PBX system, its features, and the service, among other things. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at each cloud-hosted PBX service.

Top 10 Hosted PBX Providers For Businesses in 2021

1) RingCentral

RingCentral has taken the #1 spot on this list for all the right reasons. First, it is an easy-to-use global cloud communications and collaboration tool that works across Microsoft Office sites and mobile devices. Moreover, it is simple to set up, deploy, and use, and it can be managed from anywhere. Besides, the software boosts your productivity by bringing all of your distant employees together. Not to mention, RingCentral’s strong security blanket and redundant data centre provide user safety and high availability.


RingCentral Features:

  • Open API platform that enables easy integrations
  • Powerful & real-time analytics
  • Seven layers of security
  • Redundant data centers
  • A Dedicated technical account manager
  • A Dedicated customer success manager
  • Seamless operations across office sites and mobile devices

Free Trial: 30 days

2) Vonage

Vonage is ranked second on our list of the best 10 hosted PBX providers in 2021. Vonage hosted PBX systems improve customer experiences and connect your workforce at any time, from any location, on any device. Vonage hosted PBX system currently offers three business communication products: A) Communication APIs, B) Unified Communication, and C) Contact Centers. Each product serves a distinct purpose and has a specific set of features.


Vonage Features:

  • 50+ unified communication features
  • Simple to set up and scale
  • Desktop and mobile apps to keep teams connected
  • Customized reports and analytics
  • Virtual receptionist console
  • Cell phone integration

Vonage Pricing:

Mobile Plan: $19.99 per line, per month for unlimited calls

Premium Plan: $29.99 per line, per month for unlimited video meetings 

Advanced Plan: $39.99 per line, per month

Free Trial: 14 days

The next on our list of the best 10 hosted PBX providers in 2021 is 8X8.

3) 8X8

8X8 is a business phone system that integrates voice, video, chat, contact center, and enterprise-class API solutions into a single global, secure, and reliable cloud communication platform. The platform’s goal is to keep your organization prepared, responsive, and resilient. The system also provides call activity reports and AI-driven speech analytics, resulting in increased efficiency, cost savings, and revenue growth.


8X8 Features:

  • Secure and compliant software
  • Delivers a consistent end-user experience
  • Bring together and analyze data across channels
  • Secure endpoints and fraud detection
  • Highly reliable– seamless communication
  • Global reach in over 40 counties

8X8 Pricing:

The software offers three pricing models:

  • A) 8×8 Express: $12/User/Month,
  • B) X2: $24/User/Month and,
  • C) X4: $44/User/Month

Free Trial: 30 Days

The 4th entry on our list of the best 10 hosted PBX providers in 2021 is XO communication.

4) XO Communications (Verizon)

XO Communications, now Verizon, is a highly scalable Unified Communications solution that leverages cloud technology to deliver integrated high definition (HD) voice and data services, collaboration tools, mobility, and advanced calling features across all of your business locations. Moreover, with live call quality monitoring, built-in redundancy, and an uptime service guarantee, XO hosted PBX system provides all of the functions you need to deliver high-quality voice and unified communications across the organization effortlessly.


XO Communications Features:

  • Admin control from the MySite portal
  • In-depth utilization reports
  • Automatic callback
  • Call return, transfer, and waiting
  • Corporate dial plan
  • Multiple call arrangement

Free Trial: 15 Days

The 5th name on our list of the best 10 hosted PBX providers in 2021 is– Atlantech Online.

5) Atlantech Online

Atlantech Online is a reliable, fast, and scalable online PBX solution that assists enterprises and governments in optimizing communication channels. The company’s goal is to provide high-performance telephone and internet services that are scalable, simple to adopt, and easy to maintain. In addition, being one of the leading hosted PBX providers, Atlantech Online guarantees optimal network uptime, crystal clear phone calls, and a cost-effective and versatile hosted phone solution.

Atlantech Online

Atlantech Online Features:

  • Offer UCaaS & SIP trunking
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Seamless integration with multiple tools
  • Auto-attendant and receptionist
  • Desktop and file sharing
  • Customized reports and analytics

Atlantech Online Pricing:

Basic Coverage: $399 (Basic call logs, Call return, Video add-on)

Premium Enterprise: $499 (Alternate numbers, executive assistant, Do not disturb)

Free Trial: No information provided by the company

6) GoToConnect

The 6th name on our list of the best 10 hosted PBX providers in 2021 is GoToConnect. It is a cloud telephone system tailored to your specific requirements and operates just as your organization requires. The system provides a dedicated number for each user, unlimited extensions, and hundreds of advanced features, giving you complete control over how your team works and interacts. For example, with the GoConnect software, you can attend meetings or calls from your desk, computer, or smartphone, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.


GoConnect Features:

  • Top-notch performance and reliability
  • Enterprise-grade security and privacy
  • Integration with a range of apps
  • Up to 25 HD video feeds
  • Advanced ring strategies
  • Wait time announcement

GoConnect Pricing:

A) Basic: $24/User/Month,

B) Standard: $29/User/Month,

C) Premium: $39/User/Month

Free Trial: 14 days

7) Five9

Five9 is one of the leading hosted PBX providers for managing your call center operations. This cloud hosted PBX system assists you in redefining your client experience and achieving measurable business results. Its innovative features allow you to engage customers on their preferred channel, optimize your processes, and leverage the power of realistic AI, automation, and the cloud to boost business mobility and meet customer expectations.


Five9 Features:

  • Agent call scripting
  • Call quality monitoring
  • Do not call compliance
  • Web callback service
  • Completely customizable hosted PBX system
  • Highly reliable and secure

Five9 Pricing:

Five9 offers tailored pricing. However, they also have four basic pricing plans: A) Core, B) Premium, C) Optimum, and D) Ultimate, each with its unique set of features and functionalities.

Free Trial: 30 Days

8) is a modern, one of the leading hosted PBX providers and work-from-anywhere solution intended for today’s flexible and dynamic entrepreneurs and growing enterprises. This hosted PBX system gives you the strength to create a more polished brand image, mix and match user categories, and develop a simplified and effective communication channel. Moreover, with features such as ‘Follow Me,’ the cloud-based phone system allows you to work from anywhere without missing a beat. Features:

  • Advanced ‘Follow Me’ feature
  • Do not disturb compliance
  • CRM and other integration
  • Call screening, call recording, and call transfer
  • In-depth call analytics
  • Account management Pricing:

A) Basic Plan: $12.99 per user per month for 300 minutes, 1,000 text messages, and access to over 40 services.

B) Plus Plan: $19.99 per month per user for unlimited calling minutes and text messaging, video conferencing (up to 25 people), and voicemail transcription.

C) Pro Plan: $29.99 a month for unlimited minutes and text messages, up to 300-person video conferencing, call analytics, and CRM integrations.

Free Trial: 30 days

9) Mitel

Mitel is a cloud-hosted PBX phone system that allows remote workers and scattered teams to collaborate more effectively. The company provides a variety of communication services, including a targeted call centre, unified communications, and cloud communications to meet the needs of all customers. This hosted PBX system is robust, scalable, and reliable, providing organizations of all sizes with hosted voice, unified communications, and collaboration.


Mitel Features:

  • Active call distribution
  • Activity-based routing
  • Call forwarding, queuing, and monitoring
  • CRM integration and application support
  • Fraud detection
  • Keyword spotting and transcription

Mitel Pricing:

A) Essential Plan: $20.99/User/Month,

B) Premier Plan: $26.59/User/Month,

C) Elite Plan: $38.49/User/Month

Free Trial: 30 days

The last name on our list of the best 10 hosted PBX providers in 2021 is Onsip.

10) Onsip

Onsip is a VoIP phone solution designed to make remote working simple and stress-free. The system is simple to set up and allows you to continue with your current phone number. In addition, since it is available on mobile devices, you can use your phone or computer to make HD voice and video calls, view coworker presence, dial contacts with a single click, and manage your voicemails.


Onsip Features:

  • Omnichannel support
  • Personal dashboard
  • Call forwarding, queuing, and monitoring
  • Recorded greetings
  • Teleconferencing
  • VoIP call recording 

Free Trial: 30 days

So, these are the top 10 hosted PBX providers in 2021 to consider when purchasing VoIP phone systems for your business. We recommend visiting their official websites to learn more about their features, price, and customer support.

The Bottom Line:

The cloud-hosted PBX phone systems are in high demand, and now is the time to invest in a hosted small business phone system. However, as there are a number of aspects associated with each hosted phone system, it is advised that you review their technical elements, pricing, and customer support before settling on one.

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