Setting up a business is easy nowadays, due to the easy availability of every possible thing. You can get construction done within a week. If you wish to hire someone, you have portals for that. Virtually anything and everything can be done conveniently. Technology today allows you to do most of the things in seconds. The only tricky part is keeping up with technology trends.
On the one hand, technology is trending, and on the other, the business requirements are changing. Different businesses have different sets of requirements. But all these requirements have one meeting point that is growth and best customer support. All the efforts, marketing campaigns, the right looking office is all for the customers.
Taking care of the customer means you have to be available on the phone 24×7, which is a bit impossible to do by the small-sized organization or big ones as well. Cloud phone systems help small size companies deal with these issues.

What is Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a phone-based service which is delivered to the user by the internet. It is also commonly known as an internet-based phone system, online phone number, or more commonly VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).
In simple terms, this means when a collection of phones are combined, usually for business purposes to route calls by using internet connectivity. The main aim of using a cloud phone system replace traditional landline effectively. The data in this system is stored in a secure server which is accessible over the internet easily.

A cloud phone system is comparatively less expensive and saves the data digitally. You can merge your business phone number with the cloud-based system very quickly. This makes it more manageable and sophisticated to use. Now you do not have to use an answering machine tape, pay long monthly phone bills or have to deal with tons of wires. This will gradually enhance the business operation in your company.

Why should a company transfer from a traditional landline to Cloud Phone System?

There are various benefits and reasons why it is better to use Cloud Phone System.


A cloud telephony system by CallHippo is much less costly than the traditional landline phone. It gives your company the status of a Fortune 500 company for a minimal price.

Hassle-Free Setup

The system requires no new system setup or complicated wiring. Hence, it is fast and easy to set up.

Saves your time

If you manage international staff and clients with cloud phone system over traditional business phone number, as traditional phone number demand high maintenance and require lots of wiring and space. Using this setup can save all your time and lets you skip the hassle.

Take it wherever you go

The cloud system comes with remote capabilities. This means that if you are traveling abroad, you cannot buy and use the international phone number every time. But with cloud computing, you can integrate your phone system to your mobile phones on the go.

Much more advanced than traditional systems

Everything in today’s time is about features. And the cloud phone system is all about that. It has all the advanced features that a company needs. With CallHippo call system, you can add a message, forward calls, drop a voicemail, make conference calls, place call on queue, benefit with call barging, ring all, and much more.

benefits of Cloud Phone System

What features are provided by CallHippo VoIP phone system?

Juggle your calls between team members by merely pressing a button. Your connected calls are redirected to the concerned person. This will let you handle the calls effectively and efficiently.

Make Conference Calls On The Go

By using the CallHippo system, you can easily connect three calls and enter into a conference bridge. Now nothing can stop you from solving your client’s issues with better connectivity.

Queue Customer Calls

Imagine you miss your essential client call just because you were busy answering a slightly less critical call. You will feel bummed right. With call queuing feature, you can place incoming calls in the queue on the system. And, you can attend whichever is more important.

Call Barging

Gift your company and its employees the best VoIP solution. Stop worrying about monitoring and supervising the calls because the system does it. Now you can quickly enter the conference connection via call barging.

Give a boost to the business with a local phone number

We cannot stress enough how important it is to have a local phone number when you wish to target local clients of a particular city. Do not worry because, with the CallHippo cloud system, you can get phone numbers with area code of the city you prefer from over 58 countries. This will help you attract new customers and make them instantly trust you.

Forward the calls

You can forward calls to the concerned person in a second who is available to answer the query, which will boost your customer handling.

Manage everything on the go. With the help of CallHippo hosted VoIP systems, you can manage everything from one place with ease. Interlink your client calls, team members, and all the departments at one time.

Call Entire Team At One Go

A growing business needs more customer connectivity. You do not want your customer waiting for you to answer the call for too long. With the ring all feature by CallHippo, all the concerned team members will receive the call, and whoever is immediately available can start the conversation without wasting any time.

Never get a missed call again

Stop losing business over missed calls. With the voicemail feature from CallHippo, you can quickly receive voicemails anytime.

Entertain the customer while they are on hold

What do you do when receiving a call from an important client and they ask you a tricky question you are unable to answer? The next thing you do is ask them whether you can put their call on hold for the time being; you are getting the answer to their query. During this time, you do not want them to hear the dead silence. So, the next best thing to keep the customer engaged is by adding custom on-hold music.

Know how the cloud phone system can be beneficial for all sorts of business especially small business

Some people assume that installing a cloud-based system is profitable for large customer-based businesses only. But we believe it is otherwise. It does not matter whether you have 5 million customers or 500; every customer is equally important. You have to take care of the requirements of all clients.

Here are some reasons why it will benefit your business:

CallHippo provides you best extensions, call forwarding, and voicemail, which works with the local phone number you are using. This will make your business look significant and useful.

Cloud setups by CallHippo give you the independence and perfect solution, which are quick to set up and requires no additional hardware changes. So, if you have a tight budget and are short of time, such a system will be life-saving.

The cloud solutions provided are a perfect blend of features that are flexible, productive, and mobile, which are required to run a successful business. In short, a cloud phone system suits to small enterprises.

What measure should a company keep in mind before selecting a Cloud Phone System?

There are multiple benefits of a cloud system, but how can one decide what is required and what is not. Whether you have clients with international phone numbers or local, this system will end up being a game-changer for your business. Before you choose the right cloud-based phone system, you must consider a few critical aspects. These aspects are the size of your company, what are your exact requirements, and how much are you willing to pay for this. It is also advisable that you do market research and then opts for the best-reputed provider. There are multiple options, and CallHippo is one of the most sought-after providers. With a history of excellent customer reviews and prominent problem-solving features, you can check the available plans.

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