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A multinational company with a growing team of security professionals, PrivacySavvy aims to ensure that all Internet users have a safe experience. The main strategic objective of PrivacySavvy is to provide users with all the tools they need to maintain their data security and protect sensitive information on online platforms.

A specialist in publishing security guidelines and VPN reviews, PrivacySavvy aims to provide the most relevant information in online security. With no sponsorships, advertisements, or paid content campaigns, PrivacySavvy ensures that everything published on their site is thoroughly reviewed and accurate.

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Here Is How CallHippo Helped PrivacySavvy Increase Connectivity By 25%

With the current fiercely competitive business environment, PrivacySavvy needs to take steps to ensure that it captures customers and gains credibility. As a new startup that has just entered the playing field, it recognized the importance of effective two-way communication in achieving strategic goals. This is the prime reason that PrivacySavvy invested in a CallHippo partnership - it is a holistic business phone system service provider with customized solutions.

Case Study - CallHippo

Challenges faced by PrivacySavvy before deploying CallHippo

One of the most pressing challenges faced by PrivacySavvy was poor call quality. This was hampering both internal and external communication leading to confusion and unproductivity. Another major issue was that PrivacySavvy needed to assign multiple caller IDs for better operational efficiency. This is where they decided to seek CallHippo’s support.

How CallHippo Helped PrivacySavvy Deal With Its Challenges?

PrivacySavvy needed an intelligent virtual phone system provider that would deliver world-class service and functionality. When it deployed CallHippo, the the latter did a comprehensive assessment to provide a customized solution. CallHippo assigned virtual phone numbers to PrivacySavvy that enabled their team to work from anywhere and never miss any calls. Employees could save 30% of their time daily and focus on core business activities instead of dropping calls due to poor call quality.

How Is PrivacySavvy Making The Most Out Of CallHippo’s Virtual Phone System?

PrivacySavvy team members started using virtual phone numbers provided by CallHippo to make customer calls and communicate with business partners. With the multiple callerID features, PrivacySavvy was able to identify callers to offer personalized service, and they also allocated different numbers to different users. Call quality improved dramatically, and connectivity increased by 40%.

One of the most beneficial aspects of CallHippo business phone systems is the user-friendly and intuitive app. Employees can send voice messages over virtual phone numbers through the app directly. CallHippo also helped PrivacySavvy improve visibility in operations through a navigable visual dashboard that displays key performance parameters.

Which Feature Of CallHippo Did PrivacySavvy Like The Most?

The CallHippo mobile application empowered the PrivacySavvy team to work remotely and enhance collaboration. They did miss out on any important calls and could use the CallHippo app to redirect or forward calls to any other number. With the dashboard giving real-time information on call duration and live recordings, PrivacySavvy managers could provide better feedback and improve performance.

Result :

With a steady improvement in all operational areas due to CallHippo phone systems, PrivacySavvy could overcome communication glitches and increase bottom-line results.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: January 7, 2022