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What is Intelligent Call Distribution System ?

It is an intuitive system allowing you to distribute your calls and route it to the right executive at the receiving end. Advance Call Distribution follows a predetermined system and distributes calls in the same way. You can select the order in which you want to distribute the incoming calls to your virtual phone number and it will automatically route it in that order, making it easier to handle your calls.

Intelligent Call Distribution System

It is highly beneficial for businesses who want to handle multiple calls at the same time. The 3 ways in which you can use Advance Call Distribution is as follows.


This option allows you to route your call to all your members in the team at the same time.

Fixed Order

It will fix the order in which you want to route your calls to your team members. The calls will follow the same order every time a call is received and it will be transferred to the next executive in the order only if the first executive is busy.

Round Robin

You can fix the way in which you want to route your calls. Every new call will automatically be allotted to the consecutive executive in the Round Robin Order. This option allows you to equally distribute your calls among your executives.

How Intelligent Call Distribution benefits the businesses ?

  • As the calls are handled by a team instead of an individual, it allows better manageability.
  • It has an added advantage of equal call distribution to all your executives and sharing the number of calls received amongst the team.
  • It enhances the efficiency of handling calls, in turn increasing the Return on Investment.

FAQ About Intelligent Call Distribution


It is essential in handling calls and makes sure that you are able to manage your calls effectively in a hassle free manner.

It is a free service and available in all the plans.

You can go to the Teams section on your dashboard and specify the order in which you want to use your Advance Call Distribution system.

First Log In to your CallHippo account.
1. Go to Teams options from Dashboard.
2. Mention the Team Name.
3. Select the Cascading Order of your choice.
4. Allocate members to your Team.
5. Click on Create option to get going.

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