Do you think a typical residential phone system is enough to fulfill the complex requirements of the business? From taking customer service calls to accurately rerouting the calls to the right department, a phone system in the office needs to do it all. Thus, a cloud based phone system has been developed to look after all the needs of a business. A business phone system is a state of the art technology that improves communications wherever it is employed.

What makes a business phone system so special?

With the advent of cloud telephony, business phone systems have become more advanced than ever. What we earlier knew to be a simple machine that let us dial numbers and receive calls has now become capable of doing much more than that. Let’s have a look at some of the features of a cloud-based phone system:

  1. Multiple calls – A business phone system enables a business to speak with multiple customers at the same time.
  2. Voicemail – Stores and keeps important messages that you can get back to when you’re away from the office.
  3. Automated answering features – An auto attendant that answers the phone for you and routes the calls to the required department.
  4. Conference calls – A cloud-based phone system supports conference calls, i.e. more than two people can join a call. This feature is useful for meetings, especially in the case of remote workers.
  5. On hold music or messages – This lets the callers know that they are still active on the line.

These revolutionary features completely change the way we answer phones. The multiple calling features ensures that none of your customers have to hold the line on account of a line being busy. Every customer is attended to at once. When a customer is on hold and the line is silent, they don’t know whether they were connected or not and are likely to put down the phone. However, if they are greeted with some tunes or messages instead, they know that they are still active on the line. This can also be used as an opportunity for marketing various schemes and new products. The on-hold music and messages feature enables this.

No matter what your business is and how it operates, a good business phone system is a must. It is instrumental in helping companies provide better customer services and increase productivity and efficiency. Some start-ups believe that phone systems are just an added expense. They argue that why to go for the traditional method of calling when everything can be done online. However, it is statistically proven that phones are still the hottest mode of lead generation.

According to Invoca’s 2016 Call Intelligence Index, 65% of the customers still turn to their phones for purchases or subscriptions, even when there is an option to take online action. The report was made after analyzing over 50 million calls that went through the call intelligence platform.

A recent survey by NewVoiceMedia concluded that around 75% of customers believe that calling a business is the best way to reach out to a business and get a quick response to any query. This study is backed by another similar survey conducted by the American Express regarding customer services offered by companies. Approximately 46% of the customers confirmed that they preferred to speak directly with a customer service agent for reporting a problem or making an inquiry as opposed to sending in an email or contacting the business online.

How a cloud-based phone system can boost your business

Not only customers and service providers, but even CEO’s spend 25% of their working time on phone calls and public interactions. A majority of a CEO’s time is spent in attending meetings; and who can say how many of these meetings are conducted over the phone? The busiest and most important people of a business are using phones as a means of discussing company agendas and making vital company decisions. Isn’t this reason enough to prove the importance of phones, even today?

business phone system

Good business phone systems are no longer just a means of communication; they are essential tools that can help you run your business at full capacity. They come with lots of benefits and features. Let’s have a look at how cloud-based phone systems can help you boost your business:

1. Customers can get in touch with you easily

One significant advantage of managing your calls using cloud telephony is that the calls are always routed to the right location. Businesses can now operate using one number for all branches worldwide. This makes it easier for customers to get in touch with your business. Having different business phone numbers for different branches can confuse the customers and more often than not, customers end up dialing the wrong number. When your company uses a business phone system, the customers can dial a number and automatically get connected to the right destination.

2. Calls are always answered

Using cloud phone systems has many perks. Never missing out on a call from a customer is one of them. Every businessman knows that every missed call is a missed business opportunity. However, it is not always possible for them to attend to every single call. On account of being away from the office or in a meeting, calls go unanswered. However, when your phone system is on the cloud, calls can be answered anywhere. If you’re away from the office, calls can be forwarded to your mobile phones. You can also customize your office phones and personal phones to ring simultaneously. If for any reason you’re still unable to pick up the call, then the customer will be taken to voicemail where they can record their query. You can listen to their voicemail once you’re available and then get back to them.

3. Increase efficiency and productivity

Humans can get sloppy when it comes to answering phones. Leaving aside the fact that they can attend to the only call at a time, they often miss calls, transfer calls to the wrong person and forget to deliver messages. However, the business phone system provides a solution to all your problems. It manages all your calls efficiently without leaving any room for complaints.

With the automation of phone systems, you can now focus your attention and man-force on the more important areas of your business. Cloud phone systems not only save time but also lead to an increase in productivity.

4. Cut down on manual labour and cost

Installing a good business phone system is a one-time investment. However, if you choose manual labour over automation, then you will have a bunch of employees taking shifts attending calls and doing a job that could be pulled off by a single machine all by itself. In cutting down on the salaries and company benefits of these employees, the business can save a lot of money.

5. Easy expansion and upgrades

Has your business grown and now requires a number of phones and connected lines? Cloud phone systems offer you the flexibility to extend your lines anytime and anywhere. You can add any number of telephones and lines as you need, there is no limit! Business phone systems are automatically upgraded on a regular basis. This ensures minimum bugs and top quality service. Maintenance is up-gradation costs are reduced to the bare minimum.

Business phone systems have totally changed the way companies attend to calls. For small and big businesses alike, such cloud-based phone systems can help build a professional image, offer better customer service and cut down on unnecessary overhead costs. Putting it simply, a good business phone system can work wonders for your business. Turning to the cloud is probably the best decision you can make for your business. Join us on CallHippo to make your cloud experience even better!

Cloud telephony is the future of telecommunications, and the future is here! Don’t miss out on all these wonderful features that can take your business to the next level.

Updated : March 22, 2021


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