In the international economy, clients in foreign countries prefer to use their own country’s phone numbers to connect with vendors and partners.  WhiteCanyon Software, a data erasure company in Utah, USA, has partnered with CallHippo to assist with their international expansion and provide this local service to their clients.

Local phone numbers are typically accessed by purchasing them from an international telecom or from Cloud/VoIP Calling services. The cost for physical lines can be high so there has been a strong interest in virtual phone numbers.  Virtual phone numbers provide a distinct advantage over physical lines because it eliminates the need for physical infrastructure. CallHippo’s SaaS (Software as a Service) VoIP solution provides easy, direct access to international tollfree and local phone lines. This saves on implementation cost while providing the benefit of a local phone number to potential clients.  The local phone number also eliminates international phone call charges for clients and provides direct communication access. Here are some additional benefits of cloud calling:

  • Decreased expense and maintenance.
  • Increased convenience and dependability.
  • Very easy to implement and scale.
  • Easy to maintain technology.
  • Decreased downtime.
  • A low necessity for infrastructure.
  • Increased usage and communications data.

The VoIP call quality is one of the risks of engaging in this strategy, rather than purchasing international lines from international carriers.  CallHippo has addressed this issue with high-quality connections for each call. Each call can also be reviewed for quality assurance in the CallHippo reporting system. WhiteCanyon reviews each inbound call each month and has found that none to very little have connection or sound issues.  

Cloud telephony systems have been making dramatic inroads in the last few years. Cloud telephony solutions, like CallHippo, are typically hosted on cloud servers maintained and updated by the provider.  Access is granted on a subscription or as-needed basis. Therefore, customers do not need to pay for upkeep or unnecessary resources that may be associated. Common features of these solutions include:

WhiteCanyon Software’s flagship product, WipeDrive Enterprise, is a certified data erasure tool used by corporations, military and government agencies throughout the world. This presence necessitates a complex communication system that can scale as needed. WhiteCanyon Software has found that they can scale their phone systems inexpensively with CallHippo.  

A partner in a foreign country recently signed on as a partner and WhiteCanyon was able to assign a direct, local phone line to the client while also keeping administrative rights on the phone number should any issues occur with the partner. This allowed the partner to receive direct phone calls from the WhiteCanyon website while WhiteCanyon can maintain control of client communication.  The partner saw increases in direct calls from local potential clients during their time zone and was able to increase growth.  

The increased growth far outpaced the cost of the CallHippo phone system.  WhiteCanyon also found calls to the partner from potential clients can be reviewed for quality and assurance at any time.  Issues with the partner’s communication to clients can then be discussed and improved. Which also improved sales and feedback.

The ease of use with phone numbers is one of the greatest aspects of cloud calling.  Users can be added or removed, phone numbers changed temporarily for a specific project and all inbound and outbound calls are tracked in CallHippo’s reporting system. All changes to phone numbers are tracked and displayed in the CallHippo reporting system. WhiteCanyon has a vital customer in a foreign country and to facilitate communication, purchased a direct line for the client to WhiteCanyon’s Support Team.  This allowed any technician in the foreign country to make local calls to WhiteCanyon’s Support Team. Issues were quickly marked and resolved, improving the client relationship and demonstrating a strong culture of client satisfaction.  

As expansion into foreign countries continues, WhiteCanyon can easily spin up a local phone number for Sales and Support in a specific country. This ability saves WhiteCanyon time and costs in working with international call carriers.

CallHippo’s call reporting features are the main reason WhiteCanyon Software chose CallHippo. These features allow WhiteCanyon to track inbound and outbound phone calls and ensure clients calls that are missed, are followed upon. The reporting system also provides transparency on call volumes to partners or through specific phone lines marked for specific client use. This transparency allows WhiteCanyon to understand their client needs from call data and improve business processes to match.

In this digital age, it is important to communicate properly with clients in every country. CallHippo’s services provide calling to 54 countries. This number of countries provides WhiteCanyon Software with a unique advantage as it continues to grow. And as telecommunication continues to evolve, CallHippo has proven its ability to stay technologically relevant, while providing a great value to clients.

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