Before we start the article, we want to let you know that 1000 people have already downloaded the new updated CallHippo App, and there have been positive reviews all across the board!! CallHippo has been catering to the VoIP and cloud telephony needs of users from 50+ countries for years now. We have helped entrepreneurs, enterprises, and businesses of all sizes to find the perfect business communication solution.

Here at CallHippo, we are continually on the lookout for opportunities to improve our services. We take constructive feedback from our customers seriously. This app update collects a few of the features we felt came up quite often in our interactions with many customers.

VoIP phone system Android App-CallHippoCallHippo iOS App

So, here is an overview of some of the newest features in the latest CallHippo iOS and Android app update:

  • Now you can delete multiple sms at a time.
  • Search is now available for sms listing.
  • Update ACW duration from setting the screen of the app.
  • Send and receive the sms in real-time.
  • Performance Improvements.
  • A New Look
    We revamped the design to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Call Transfer
    The call transfer functionalities that we recently introduced on the web application are now available on your iOS and Android app too! The call transfer function enables you to redirect a call to your team member. You can do it in any of the following ways:

Warm Transfer

Also known as announced transfer or supervised transfer, a warm transfer involves notifying the new agent before the caller is transferred to him. The new agent can be given background information/other relevant details about the caller’s issue before the caller is finally connected to him. You can determine whether the call can actually be transferred to a particular agent or if it needs to be transferred to a different one.

Basically, there’s no chance of the caller being connected to a non-responsive line with the warm transfer.

Blind Transfer
The opposite of warm transfer, a blind transfer is also known as the cold or unannounced transfer. This option can be used if you’re certain that your recipient ie the new agent, will take the call. If not, the call is disconnected. So, this kind of transfer should only be used if there’s a certainty that the transfer will be accepted. It’s less time-consuming than a warm transfer.


  • 3-Way Conference

    You can now hold a 3-way conference call on your CallHippo iOS or Android app! With the conference feature, you can schedule and conduct meetings from your smartphone!

    The conference feature allows you to add a third person to the existing call. It could be a manager, supervisor, or any other agent.
    You get a dedicated phone number for CallHippo call conferencing. It’s ideal for meetings, handling remote team members, and training sales and customer service teams.

  • Feedback

    Yes, you can now send the CallHippo team your feedback: suggestions, criticism, appreciation, and more right from the app. There’s no more hassle of writing an email every time you want to give feedback, you can do that directly from the app.

  • And more!

    We added a few more functionalities here and there.
    You can now select the country in the dialer from the iOS app. Similarly, you can also add credits and receive notifications for missed calls. These features were not available in the iOS app before, but they are now functional in both the iOS and Android apps.

The aforementioned features have been incorporated in the updates of both the Android and the iOS apps. We hope that they contribute to the overall utility and functionality of the app. We will keep taking customer feedback in order to keep coming up with more innovative features that will enhance our customers’ virtual phone system experience. CallHippo hopes to continue improving and growing with your feedback.

Updated : May 6, 2021


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