Cloud is the future of telecommunications all over the world. Companies have now realized the immense potential of online phone numbers and are investing in the best VoIP phone solutions. In fact, in a survey conducted by Gartner, in the next three years, 50% of unified communication platforms will be cloud-based.

Communication is the key to business success. You need to have a robust communication network in place to keep clients and employees happy. There is no place for rigidity – flexibility and transparency is what is required to remain open multiple channels of communication.

So, how can you make sure to have the best communication system in town? Well, the first step would be to ditch your traditional wired phone system and move on to virtual phone systems. This revolutionary technology comes power-packed with tons of impressive features at an affordable price. The VoIP platforms are gaining popularity – the phone-to-phone segment of the VoIP market will grow at 17% CAGR from 2019-2025.

Business phone systems are a smart corporate asset that can transform your office environment for the better. Most organizations have adopted second phone lines as it provides easy access to support representatives at any time of the day. This keeps customers delighted as they do not have to wait for long periods before getting quality service.

Cloud based VoIP carriers have unlocked great opportunities for multinational firms all over the globe. It is the best solution for organizations that expand operations in new geographical territories as they can get a local phone number to connect with target audiences. For example: If your organization has started business operations in France, all you will need to do is purchase a France virtual phone number. This will enhance your organization’s credibility and help to open communication with local customers.

Cloud-based VoIP platforms will empower your organization to compete in overseas markets. You can enter any commercial hotspot in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Thailand, South Africa, Canada, Panama, or Malta – all you need to do is get an online phone number to conduct business communication without any obstacles.

What Do Business Customers Need From A Cloud-Based VoIP Platform?

Organizations are always on the constant lookout for new technologies that can help them deliver results faster. While choosing an all-in-one cloud VoIP solution, a business firm will have high expectations. It is challenging to make the transition from a traditional phone system to a VoIP network. However, virtual phone numbers meet all the corporate communication requirements of modern enterprises.

When companies think of moving over to the cloud, they will expect a fully-featured, integrated, and customized system. Here are some critical aspects of cloud-based VoIP systems that will impact organizations positively:

A Unified Communication System:

The current workforce is highly agile, and most organizations encourage remote work. Since companies nowadays have a scattered employee base, they need a unified and collaborative communication system. Cloud based VoIP platforms help mobility, as employees need to have access to high-speed internet to log on to the system. They can use their laptops, smartphones, or personal computers at any time any place to make/ receive business calls. This makes sure that even if your team members are traveling for official or personal work, they can attend calls and provide superior quality service to clients. Virtual phone numbers boost productivity and ensure that business communication never stops, even while employees are on the move!

Advanced Call Analytics:

Cloud-based VoIP tools are a great marketing asset. They are handy as they enable call tracking and call recording of all important customer interactions. This can help managers assess staff performance and optimize the handling of customer complaints. Business phone systems have sophisticated analytics that facilitates managers to know the call length, time, and service quality. This throws light on specific client behavior and enables better on-ground staff training. Most VoIP phone platforms have analytical dashboards that display live metrics. Thus, managers can make better decisions and help organizations achieve strategic goals faster.

Cloud Unlocks New Revenue Opportunities

Self-Service Tools:

Automated cloud technology is the latest buzzword in customer service. Today, communication networks have to be flexible and empower customers to help themselves. Most cloud-based virtual phone tools have a variety of self-service features that save time and money. Interactive voice response enables clients to redirect themselves to the required department or extension number. They do not need any manual assistance from a receptionist or any other staff member. Clients do not need to wait for working hours, and they can get speedy service at any time of the day. Automated voice technology reduces the need for manual labor, and enables customers to get rapid support through self-serve menus.

High Level of Scalability:

Most organizations grow at a steady pace and diversify into new fields. VoIP phone numbers are highly scalable, meaning that they can expand according to organizational requirements. Most service vendors offer tailor-made packages where extra modules can be purchased at a later stage for minimal cost. Cloud-based virtual phone numbers are hassle-free and easy on maintenance. They are user-friendly; hence, all staff members will be able to use them efficiently.  There are no sophisticated hardware or software requirements, and it is possible to install a call center in just a couple of minutes. Virtual telephony is indeed the ideal choice for all kinds of organizations and can increase all vital performance parameters.

Better Client Engagement:

The best organizations continuously work on keeping their loyal customers engaged. They work on nurturing long-term bonds that promote customer retention. Investing in cloud-based VoIP phone lines is a smart way to build customer satisfaction as they receive instant service without any delays. Your customers do not have to wait endlessly to speak to a support representative, and this makes them value the efforts taken by your company. It leads to a positive brand reputation and keeps customers delighted by a holistic experience. Getting an online phone number is a definite way to keep your organization high on the satisfaction charts and will surely prevent your customers from moving over to business rivals.

Cloud-based virtual phone systems have invaded the market, and all kinds of industrial organizations have adopted this dynamic technology. Healthcare, banking, pharmaceutical, and e-commerce industries are all relying on business phone numbers for better task flow management and output levels. It leads to higher team collaboration, fast data-sharing, and quicker problem resolution. Getting a second phone line can give your business a more professional appearance and increase accessibility to global clients.

It is not an easy decision to make a radical change to virtual phone platforms. However, there are many different options available in the market. Managers should check out their long-term requirements and choose the best virtual phone solution for their organization. It will be a one-time expenditure that will surely give high return-on-investment. So, stop thinking and take the plunge. Get onboard the virtual phone system trend, and witness a quick escalation of all-important bottom-line results. It will fast track your organization to the path of business success and lead to happier customers all the way!

Updated : March 30, 2022

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