With digital transformation taking the world by the storm, any business can now upgrade their essential phone services with Internet connection called Voice Over Internet Protocol abbreviated as VoIP. It offers all the services as provided in any Office Phone System and lets you work remotely, keeping you free from clinging to your desktop/ computer if you have a reasonable internet connection. 

Basically, revolutionary VoIP technology transforms the voice into a digital signal & allows us to call computers and smartphones with a unique VPN, the acronym for Virtual Phone Number. VoIP is also known as Internet telephony or a Broadband phone service popularly. 

As call clarity advances with better internet speed in cost-effective packages, it is the best time to transform traditional phone systems into Virtual Business Phone Systems to enjoy advanced features.

Getting all the pieces to the puzzle

Deploying VoIP to optimize your business office phone system is both challenging and fun – quite similar to putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. But to reap the benefits of VoIP, It is essential to install the best business phone system that suits the business needs. Here are crucial components required for the installation of the Virtual Phone System:

1. A quality internet connection

A top-grade internet connection ensures that you have adequate bandwidth and speed to support seamless voice quality for a better business phone system.

2. Ethernet Router/ Virtual Private Network Router (VPN Router)

To ensure successful VoIP installation, an Ethernet router is a must. It helps reduce jitter issues and noise transmission over phone calls, especially over the remote VoIP Network. 

3. Call agent / Private Branch Exchange(PBX) Server

A vital feature of the call agent or private branch exchange server is routing the calls to other lines or dummy numbers. At some point in time, you may face high traffic in the network, especially during your peak seasons. Thus, it becomes quintessential to divert calls to dummy phone numbers.

4. The PSTN (Publicly Switched Telephone Network) 

There must be at least one Publicly Switched Telephone Network even if the majority of your business phone calls will be over VoIP to prevent failover. PSTN ensures that you can still make calls also in case of network failure. 

5. VoIP Provider

To have an effective VoIP plan, it is necessary to determine how many numbers of users, budget, and features you will require to get your business operations running smoothly. 

Moreover, it is necessary to compare different plans from top business phone system providers to find the best service in terms of quality, cost-efficiency, and customer service. 

Important Tip: Always opt to pay annually as it leads to significant monthly savings.

6. IP Phones and hardware

To use hardware VoIP installation, it is necessary to have an IP Phone either wired, touch screen, or cordless whatever you prefer based on your business requirement. 

Using a VoIP-based business phone system ensures that you can utilize any data-driven device. Computers, tablets, laptops, or mobile phones must be able to answer all the phone calls via the software VoIP Installation.

7. Software Installation 

It is an essential component for all local phone networks as it helps to streamline all business calls in the virtual phone system. From the software installation to tracking of phone records, users and their information will be easy as it offers all under one roof.


Few Steps before installation of VoIP 

It is essential to find how many users will be using VoIP as it is directly related to the capacity you are looking forward to having in your system. The system must also have enough capacity to handle the business calls at some point in time. 

The great part of VoIP installation is that it can let you adjust users – add or remove them on a phone network anytime. Other questions to be kept in mind:

  • How many lines do you require?
  • At what internet bandwidth are you looking forward to work?
  • Whether to opt for hardware VoIP installation or software VoIP installation?
  • Do you just want a VoIP or hosted phone system along with it? 

For instance, for a small startup, it is recommended to have a hosted phone system. As a new upcoming business, higher local phone calls instead of long international phone calls will be taken or made; thus, they can make better savings. 

With evolving VoIP systems, there are numerous features to look forward to, such as call conference, call queuing, call transfers, smart call forwarding, team collaboration, and many more. 

All these features may get you carried away a bit, but to make it simple, you must decide what features are necessary for your business beforehand. You can choose features by making two categories for your phone systems – ‘must-have’ and ‘nice-to-have.’ It will help you determine what plan you can take up with good savings without compromising with the necessities of your business. 

This way, you can look forward to getting the best features included in your VoIP plan. Hence, while upgrading your business phone system to a VoIP system, you will see a drop in your monthly calling charges; thus, returning true ROI. 

Don’t fall prey to traps of service providers: Don’t go for direct deployment before testing 

It is often seen that in the rush of the hour, businesses go for immediate installation of VoIP systems before testing and end up getting trapped in the big claims of VoIP service providers such as cost-effective plans, accessibility, etc. The best way to go for final deployment is to get it network-tested beforehand starting full-house operations with it. 


Bear all the essentials explained above, and you will have a successful VoIP installation. Take extra care while opting for a VoIP service provider and sketching a VoIP plan to enjoy substantial savings & higher ROI without compromising anything a robust business communication system requires.

Engage with all the advanced features needed for your business on a pocket-friendly budget with a VoIP system.

Updated : July 30, 2021


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