The newbie CallHippo has made a good name in the Call center software industry. It offers solid packages that include the features you need, with a tailored approach and a cost-friendly price. These features are also offered by multiple service providers and each one has their own strength and weaknesses. Let’s study the big boys in the market one by one and decide whether CallHippo is able to beat them or not.

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Aircall is an ideal fit for businesses with remote teams or virtual offices spread worldwide. The Aircall contact center software is designed for start-ups and support teams that have between 5-50 people. It has a desktop app that will help you to make and receive calls from your own computers. It can easily integrate with top CRM available in the market. Using this solution a business can immediately become local in several countries.  

Undoubtedly Aircall is a very well established cloud-based phone system, but it also as few glitches. It can be quite expensive with their lowest price plan starting at $30. It also requires a minimum number of users to start the app. Also, it doesn’t provide a personalized experience to its users and customers, and if it does, it comes at a much higher price. Even if you think Aircall is the best option for you, it’s advisable that you try out a few other alternatives so that you are sure that your business is getting the best service possible.


Grasshopper offers a wide array of features. This includes Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding, Call screening, Inbound fax, routing for extensions, a name directory, music on hold, etc. They don’t have any long-term contracts, Their 24*7 toll-free number and virtual help desk provide excellent customer service.

Grasshopper is definitely a famous name in various geographies, yet it lacks some of the basic features necessary for a business growth and expansion. Grasshopper needs to add more features, that can help businesses to save cost and manage the office phone system in the best possible way.  Lacking features like call recording and multi-level IVR can create a bottleneck in your business while you are trying hard to scale up. Also, you would be surprised to know that their services are limited to the only US and Canada. So if your services demand other than Canada and US phone numbers, switching to providers like CallHippo can be the best option.


FreshCaller is a call center software that is built specially for small and medium-sized businesses looking for a fuss-free, low maintenance virtual Phone system to facilitate customer requirements. It offers multi-level IVR solutions, supports contextual conversations and provides real-time call center insights.

It’s impossible to get one-size fits all call center software. In fact, decent software like FreshCaller that comes with wide range of features might not be designed for your individual Business needs.

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Ring Central is a comprehensive communication system that will allow businesses of all size in managing their customer efforts. It comes with tools that offer smart routing, Performance Management, Workforce Management, speech and text analytics etc. The contact center software also offers real-time reporting and powerful and analytical capabilities.

RingCentral is an industry leader and an amazing product, but only suitable for big business with big budgets. Their small business plans are extremely expensive and the company insists on pushing annual contracts on customers.

Ring Central divides their service into two different plans: Professional and Office. Professional plans provide minimal call Management and the callers are charged based on minutes. Office plans include lots of features but the cost is charged per user, which can result in hefty bills if multiple users are included. RingCentral can also require additional equipment to integrate with your system.


Talkdesk is one of the most cost-effective call center software. Their regular plan costs only $29 per month. Businesses can set up their own call center in a browser in just 5 minutes using these virtual Phone system. It doesn’t require any hardware, phones, coding, and downloads, all that is required is a robust internet connection. Talkdesk integrates with Zendesk, SalesForce, SugarCRM, to provide comprehensive information about the customers.

TalkDesk is a popular Call center software created especially for small businesses. While it has a number of advantages such as reasonable price and number of integration it has few major disadvantages such as no free plan, and no options for customization. A contract is required for using their outbound and virtual inbound call center services.

CallHippo: The best alternative to these 5 call center software

CallHippo sets up your call center within minutes, integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows and instantly adapt to your team member’s evolving needs.

It’s integration with SalesForce, Zendesk and other leading CRM bring context to every phone call you make. While its detailed reporting feature provides with the data you need to improve employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Some features that make CallHippo best among the rest.

Call Recording

The ability to record a call and listen to them as and when needed is the last thing that can be expected from a Virtual Inbound call center software. Call Recording helps the team to establish transparency on how calls are being managed and how the newcomers in the team can also learn from these calls. Call recording also makes it easier to pass on genuine feedback on how to handle a  given problem better.

An Intuitive Dashboard

Nothing can be better than a live dashboard for keeping track of ongoing calls, and agent status. A live dashboard spots the calls, listen in and take over before the situation goes out of hand and the customers get annoyed.

Multilingual IVRS

Instead of burdening the customers through a drill of multiple calls before they can reach the relevant department the best option is an IVR set up. All the customer needs to do is choose the most suitable department with a keypress.


CallHippo pricing plans are one of the most affordable in the market for the level of features they provide.

Bronze: $10 per user/per month

Silver: $18 per user/per month

Platinum: $30 per user/per month

The Winner

Undoubtedly CallHippo is the clear winner. This is because they offer the most for your money and their obvious technological advancements will help your small business run smoothly without you having to scratch your head and worry about getting bankrupt someday.

Note: Please check our updated pricing plans.

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