Mexico is a beautiful tourist and workplace which has something to offer to everyone who visits the place. Also, the country maintains a visa-free policy for travelers from around the world, despite the coronavirus outbreak, which is an added benefit for tourists.

However, it is necessary to contact a hotel ahead of time to book a room or get information about tour packages before planning a trip to Mexico, requiring an international call.

And even after you arrive at your destination, you will call home to interact with your family or other family members.

Making these calls requires dialing different codes than you are used to dialing in your own country.

Thus it becomes imperative to understand the process of dialing to/from Mexico. The process can be complicated and expensive, or the process could be affordable and straightforward, depending on the path you take.

Don’t worry, though—we’ve got you covered.

This blog will discuss how Mexico phone calls work, connect to those numbers, make international calls, and the most cost-effective way to complete those calls.

Review the guide if you want to be prepared when it’s time for you to make a call to Mexico.

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A Step by Step Guide on How to Call Mexico from the US

1. Service prefixes are no longer required

On August 3rd, 2019, the fundamental shift to the telephone dialing rules states that service codes linked with calling domestic long-distance numbers and calling Mexican cellular phones from Mexican landline phones no longer exist (044, 045).

Additions such as this and the elimination of confusing code “1” for dialing Mexican cell phone numbers are also eliminated.

Let’s sum up the changes:

  • It is no longer necessary to use dialing prefixes of 01, 044, and 045 to call within Mexico.
  • When dialing a Mexican number from outside of Mexico, the ‘1′ digit is no longer obligatory.

Enforcing these improvements helps streamline how Mexican landlines are dialed and simultaneously bringing Mexican telephone dialing rules in line with those in the US and Canada.

2. Calling To and From Mexican Landlines

If you are calling a Mexican landline within the same geographical region –

  • Dial the two or three-digit area code and then the seven or eight-digit local number.

Calling a Mexican landline phone line from a different Mexico landline-based out in another area –

  • Call the number and area code. There’s no need to dial the prefix anymore, i.e., 01.

Dialing a Mexican landline from a Mexican cell phone –

  • Dial the area code and the number directly from your Mexican mobile phone. Do not dial 01 (long-distance)

Calling a Mexican cell phone from a Mexican landline –

  • Dial the cell phone number without using the area code. Also, do not use any 044 or 045 prefix.

3. Calling To and From Mexican Cell Phones

Calling on one Mexican cell phone to another while in Mexico –

  • Just dial [insert other cell phone number here], and the area code
  • No need to include 045 and 045 in the code

Calling a Mexican cell phone from a foreign country –

  • To call Mexico, dial the Mexican country code, followed by the area code and the number.
  • Please omit the ‘1? after the +52, as it was deemed necessary before the 3rd of August, 2019

Calling any number from a Mexican phone while traveling outside of Mexico –

  • Dial Mexico’s international code +52, followed by the local code, followed by the phone number.

Calling from your non-Mexican cell phone –

  • Dial the “+” followed by the country code, area code, and number (for Mexico, the country code is 52, and for the US and Canada, this is 1).
  • Ignore 00, 044, 045

The cost of calls to Mexico from European phones is exceptionally high, while calls to the United States or Canada will depend upon the calling plan. If you follow these guidelines, you can call a Mexico phone number without any problems.

It is essential to confirm that your phone can make international phone calls because it will not connect if it cannot.

You can also get business phone numbers and leverage their low-cost value along with other features to market your business.

Call Mexico from US

Which Area Code Should You Use?

4. How to use area codes when calling Mexico from the US?

If you want to call Mexico landlines and cell phones from the US, dial the US exit code and then Mexico’s country code before dialing the phone number you wish to call.

The people of Mexico use a wide range of area codes just like any other country. Some area codes are used nationwide, but others are used only in one city. If you know the exact location of the person you want to call, it will make it easy for you to use the correct area code.

5. Saving numbers in your Mexican cell phone directory

If you are migrating between Mexico and the United States, we recommend you to store all numbers beforehand in the international dialing format:

[country code] [area code] [number]

Your cell phone will always store your Mexican contacts with the ‘52’ area code prefixed to any Mexican phone number. It will store your American and Canadian phone number contacts with a ‘1’ area code prefixed before the numbers.

By doing so, your calls will be connected without you needing to make adjustments in the U.S. or Canada or roaming in Mexico. To add the “+” sign to any contact, you’ll need to press and hold the number zero on the dial pad of your smartphone.

How to dial a cell phone number in Mexico?

6. Dialing a cell phone number in Mexico from the US

If you would like to use your cell phone to call a landline in Mexico, there are several methods of doing so.

  • Enter the code

Dial 011 on your phone to make an international call

  • Enter the Mexican country code i.e., 52
  • Remove the trunk code

After you dial 1, remove the trunk code, which was 044 or 045 in your case. This is to be used when calling individuals in Mexico from other places.

  • Enter area code

Enter the associated area code for the place you want to call. It’s the first two or three numbers on your phone number.

  • Finish by including the phone number

Type in the remaining digits of the number, and then press the call button.

How to Make a Business Call from the US to Mexico?

Voice over IP phone used to make a business call from the United States to Mexico. After knowing how to call Mexico from the U.S. for personal usage, you must be asking how to do the same from a business perspective.

The process is similar to the traditional business process, but the goals and targets are different. The process is too expensive and time-consuming, so it fails to provide employees with an opportunity to do the same.

Business owners should consider using a telephone service that provides the need to call Mexico at a lower cost. It provides you with complete control over all the call center numbers, making it easy to manage all the calling policies and routing for you.

How to Lower the Cost of Calling Mexico Regularly?

If you are a U.S. business owner who makes frequent calls to Mexico, then you should minimize your calling expenses in any way that you can.

You must switch to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to solve this problem. Without VoIP, you would be unnecessarily spending more than required on International calls.

With VoIP phone systems, you can also avoid the intricate dialing process to complete the calls.

Another way to reduce calling costs is by buying virtual phone numbers with the local area codes.

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Updated : April 9, 2021


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