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How to Call Norway From the US? A Comprehensive Guide

Simplify your phone communication with a cost-effective, secure and reliable virtual phone solution

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Paras Kela

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: August 23, 2023

Norway is one of the most popular countries in the world. The country has the fourth-highest per-capita income globally. Besides, Norway boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world (with facilities like universal healthcare, five weeks of paid vacations a year, pay equality, and more).

Businesses across the globe are entering Norwegian markets to boost their business growth, increase revenue, and attain a strong customer base. And why not? The country’s young citizens are rich and have achieved a 13% rise in disposable income.

With such strong spending power, it is likely to attract businesses from the globe, which it is. And, if you are also considering expanding your operations to Norway, I must say, that’s a good idea!

However, you also need to set up communication facilities to build trust and gain credibility with local customers. This means using a virtual (Norwegian) number and following the country’s regulations (of communicating with customers).

Virtual phone numbers help you make calls to Norway (while looking as if you are based in the same country) and can be scaled as your business grows.

How to Call Norway From the US? Step-by-step Process

How to dial Norway from the US?

With a business phone system, you can easily connect with your customers in Norway while you sit in the United States.

However, organizations often find it difficult to call Norway from the US, owing to the tens of steps that most articles on the internet discuss. But that’s not the case as a business phone system takes a couple of minutes to set up and is maintenance-free.

To understand this better, let’s take a look at the steps to call Norway from the USA on landline numbers or cell phones.

Step 1: Dial the US exit code (011) to make calls to any international destination (Norway, in this case).

Step 2: Dial the Norway country code (47).

Step 3: Enter the 8-digit phone number of the recipient/customer.

That’s all. If the dialing format and all of the calling codes are correct and in the right order, your call will be connected.

Norway Dialing Format

So, the dialing format for Norway from the United States will look something like this:


Also, remember, Norway is 6 hours ahead of the US. So consider the time zone when making calls to Norway from the US.

As mentioned above, you can even choose to buy local (Norwegian) numbers. This will eliminate the need to add the country codes (011 and 47). Instead, you will be required to add the local region code before the customers’ phone number.

Norway Area Codes

Here are the area codes for the major cities in Norway:

Norway CitiesCodes

Using virtual phone numbers will help you look like you’re based in Norway, thereby building trust and strong rapport with local customers. Isn’t that what every business wants?

Now that you know how to dial Norway from the US, it’s time to learn when to make international calls to Norway from the United States.

When is the Best Time to Call Norway from the US?

Since Norway and the United States have a six-hour time difference, it is crucial to determine the best time to call Norway from the US when making international calls. You need to know that if it’s 10 AM in Oslo (Norway), it’s 4 PM in New York (USA).

If the time difference was less than two hours, there was no need to find the best time because people in both countries would be working at the same time on the same day. However, because the time difference is so significant, you must ensure that you make calls only when people in the other country are also working.

Best Time to Call Norway from the US

Based on our extensive research and analysis of data from call centers, the best time to call Norway from the United States is between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

This corresponds to 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in Norway– when most people in Norway will be awake and available. Keep in mind that Norway is 6 hours ahead of the United States, so it is important to consider the time difference when making international calls to ensure the best chances of reaching someone in Norway.

Why Should You Use a Cloud Business Phone System to Call Norway from the US?

Switching from a traditional phone system to a virtual business phone system is always a tough decision for organizations. However, it should not be the case.

Because a virtual business phone system like CallHippo provides you way more benefits and features than a traditional phone line would ever give: a high return on investment being one.

Here are a few compelling reasons to get a cloud business phone system.

1. Phone Number of Your Choice

types of virtual phone number

Whether you need local numbers or toll-free numbers, a business phone number has got you covered. All you need to do is pick what caters to your business requirements and you’ll be ready to make and receive calls within minutes.

2. Feature-Rich

Virtual business phone systems are packed with sophisticated features that boost operational efficiency, improve team collaboration, and promote effective data sharing. Features such as power dialer, call forwarding, voicemail, and call recording improve your support team’s efficiency and provide you with a holistic view of your operations. 

3. Cost-Effective

Business phone systems eliminate hardware costs of a traditional phone line. To call Norway from the US, all you will need is software and an internet connection without spending money on extra hardware. And most virtual phone service providers offer subsidized packages, meaning it will lower your communication expenses even when calling internationally.

4. Quality Customer Service

Use 1800-toll free numbers to allow your customers to connect with your support team at any time or day of the week. Ensure issue resolution all the time to enhance your customer service (without charging your clients a dime for the call).

5. Better Accessibility

One of the most significant benefits of virtual business phone systems is that they provide better accessibility to your employees. Since calls are made and received over the internet, you don’t necessarily need to stick to your desk. This ensures not a single call is missed, irrespective of where your support agents are. Great for remote teams, isn’t it?

6. Smartphone App

Top business system providers, such as, have a mobile app that you can use to make calls to Norway from the US. You can even receive calls from your Norwegian customers at no extra cost.

Norway is a buzzing cosmopolitan country with tons of business opportunities in all industrial sectors. There is no doubt that it will develop into a prime global commercial market in the times to come.

Investing in a Norway virtual phone number is a smart competitive move that can give your organization an edge over rivals in the region. It can instantly attract local customers to your business and help them connect to your staff members easily.

Unleash the power of virtual business phone systems to witness a dynamic increase in your customer base. So, what are you waiting for? Book your virtual phone number today!



How to Call the US from Norway?

To call the US from Norway, follow the steps below:

Step 1: First, dial the Norway exit code– 00.

Step 2: Next, dial the USA country code– 1.

Step 3: Enter the US area code you are trying to reach.

Step 4: Enter the US phone number of a person you wish to connect with.

Then dial the phone number. If the dialing format and all of the calling codes are correct and in the right order, your call will be connected.

What are the Famous Norway Area Codes?

The most known Norway area codes are Haugesund: 5, Larvik: 33, Moss: 69, Oslo: 2, Arendal: 37, and Halden: 69.

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