Having an impactful international business has its charms. But it comes with few qualms. No company would want to receive or conduct business phone calls with a personal phone number. As such, there is no serious issue, but it will get annoying if you receive calls from work at 2:00 in the morning. And by chance, if this happens regularly, it will get unbearable. One has to forget about privacy. This is one of the biggest reasons that MNCs and business tycoons consider using virtual phone numbers to get a customized phone for business purposes. 

Other than that, when you are traveling, it is inevitable to carry a mobile. But it is complicated to take a business phone as well. But with virtual business phone numbers, you can use the same number on your PC, desktop, handset, and all portable devices. It also allows you to forward your calls or record voice messages. It even lets you share numbers within your staff in a fraction of second without any hassle.

Setting up a virtual office phone number does not even need you to be technology savvy because it is that easy. Simply connect with CallHippo and set up your virtual office number to call anywhere in the world. For example, you can call Germany from the US, the UK from India, and so on.

The UK is the hub for growing business, and every business person wishes to expand its business there. Locations like London, Manchester, Glasgow, New Castle, or other cities are heaven for all the brands and companies that want to extend their product and services in the UK. In other words, just as there are various places to grow business in the United States with virtual phone system, the United Kingdom also has multiple business hubs.

The hard-hit reality is that a local UK customer is not intended to speed dial an international phone number in order to do business with an unknown new company. The general audience is a bit introvert when it comes to investing in a business. So, how can one become trustworthy and grab this Billion dollar customer base? By shifting their business to the UK? Of course not. You know the answer: a UK phone number.

When you purchase and activate a UK phone number from CallHippo, it can use a feature like virtual call forwarding. This will connect calls to mobile phones or call centers across the globe. These features are best suited for start-ups, e-commerce companies, or companies that have superficial offices. Other than that, reputed companies who don’t want to have call centers in every part of the world can also use these numbers.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A UK Phone Number?

Gone are the days when company and client used to trust each other. And honestly, it was never the case. It does not matter if you own an online store, a superficial office, a multinational company, or a start-up. You will survive in the market if you provide spontaneous customer solutions. Customers will repeatedly come back to you if you give him easy and convenient ways to connect with you. This will grow your fame and customer base exponentially. 

We are living in the age of technology where every other company has a website or at least is present online in one form or the other. There are various communication mediums like business email, live chat, or text message, and all of them are useful too. But honestly, nothing can beat the personal touch of the concerned human voice. It instantly makes the customer feel like home as if someone cares and will solve their issues. Still, some organizations think having a regular landline number is more than sufficient. But in reality, it is exactly the opposite. 

But now the effectiveness and benefits of having an internet phone number to handle business and customer calls have spread on a whole new level. Everyone is aware by now how to use personal or office phone numbers for customer support calls. And this is when features from CallHippo can rescue you. You can conveniently get a local UK phone number, toll-free number, or virtual phone number if your business is asking for it.

How Will Getting A UK Phone Number Improve My Sales?

Having a local phone number is always better than having an international phone number. When the client is interested in working with your organization, he will instantly get converted if he receives calls from a local number. He will feel you are legitimate and authentic. It will be easier for him to trust you and look up to your working ethics.

Attract local clients- CallHippo

Here are some reasons why you must use a UK phone number when you are targeting a Brit or UK base clientele as compared to a traditional landline.

  • These numbers can be used on your mobile phones via a mobile phone application, on your PC, laptop, and other portable devices too. 
  • You can share this number with your staff simultaneously by making a big deal out of it, which will save you time and money. 
  • It has unmatched calling facilities like call waiting, call routing. Also, it allows you to manage your business hours via the application.
  • Enhanced voice call quality. When you choose the CallHippo VoIP system for your business, you will get the best VoIP call quality in the USA, the United Kingdom, Germany, or any country or region that you have chosen.
  • The features do not end here. You have a facility to send and receive voice messages, SMS. Also, the local & international calls are cheaper than the regular ones. It also lets you call to email transcription which is the unbeatable match.

How Will Having A Local Phone Number Benefit The Customer And The Company?

  1. Get Worthy Leads:

Having a local phone number gives you an edge over the companies that don’t have a local number. You can bargain and settle for the prices with the customer as they think that you are local and aware of the market norms. Eventually, you will end up having quality leads, which is your prime aim.

  1. Get the best conversion from the leads you receive:

A client who is putting a significant amount in your product and services wants you to be active throughout the campaign. A virtual number allows you to recruit an agent who will be available 24×7 to solve the client’s queries. Now, you will never miss a significant business lead. You can easily track, record, and even revert to all the incoming business messages or calls. It will make you successful every time and fulfill customers’ expectations. 

  1. No need to reveal your employees’ or client’s identity:

These numbers allow you to protect the identity of your customer as well the employee that receives the call.

  1. Let The Best Person Receive Call From Important Client:

Every company has a hierarchy where you allow them to deal with the customer they are hired to deal with. But in case your agent is unable to help the customer there is a call routing feature which detects the best-suited agent and transfers the customer to them. 

What If You Have A USA Phone Number That You Wish To Port?

If your business has a wide customer base, having a local number is useful and cost-effective. For example, a company that is set up in the USA may want to forward their UK phone number to a virtual phone number, mobile phone, or call center in the USA. Besides, a company must provide excellent customer support to new customers that are lined up by using a UK phone number.

Also, it is essential that before proceeding with call-forwarding, it is ensured that the person who attends the calls has a local accent and knows the language. Such small things matter a lot when you are trying to retain a UK customer.

It is evident that a virtual phone system helps you to expand your business as it helps in creating a local presence. This will give your company a professional vibe, and your tentative client will get the impression that you are authorized and licensed. Various trustworthy companies provide UK phone numbers, local phone numbers, or virtual phone numbers. And CallHippo is one of the most reputed and trusted companies for these features.

Updated : August 2, 2021


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