Business organizations all over the world are on the lookout for a simple and operative calling solution! Effective communication is definitely the bedrock for success and prosperity in the corporate realm and it is super important to make sure that your entire business call solution is conducted in an efficient and productive manner.

There are tons of vital points to take care of – communication platforms should be cost-effective, user-friendly, integrated, and customizable for proper incorporation with business systems. In fact, research has shown that poor communication techniques lead to project failure one-third (33%) of the time.

One amazing tool that can help your business communication grow by leaps and bounds is virtual telephony. It is the future of telecommunications – research has shown that the hosted VoIP market has grown by 17.49% in the year 2015, and has been growing steadily ever since.

So, why are small businesses and startups shifting to virtual phone systems? It has been proven that organizations can witness a massive cost-saving of 50-75% when they shift to VoIP phone suites. Fueled with a range of impressive features, intelligent phone systems are the best platform for any company as they can bring about speed, flexibility, and productivity in an instant.

Choosing a virtual phone service provider is not an easy task as the market is flooded with a host of confusing options. It is important to make a careful choice and invest in a reliable and credible vendor such as CallHippo, which can tailor-make virtual phone number packages that will fulfill your organizational needs.

Let suppose you are in the USA and wanna call Switzerland what you will do? Know here- How to call Switzerland from the USA.

CallHippo had established itself as a market leader in call solutions by providing budget-friendly, simple and intuitive interfaces that can revolutionize your organizational bottom-line results. Here are some major advantages that your small business will accrue by getting a virtual mobile number:

  • Novel and radical features of virtual phone systems such as call recording help in identifying any kind of problems in customer service by analyzing past records. Support representatives can be further trained based on past conversations that will lead them to excel in performance and service levels in the long run.
  • Intelligent phone systems can help you build a lifelong rapport with your valuable customer base. Customers remain delighted due to the fact that your organization remains accessible round the clock, and they do not need to wait for long hours to solve their queries.
  • Virtual phone systems are the best way to help your team members remain in touch while they are on the move – there is no requirement to remain restricted to office premises as virtual mobile numbers can make sure you receive business communication in real-time.
  • Innovative facilities in call solution ensure that no more business calls are missed – managers can forward calls to their personal mobile or landline numbers to keep abreast of important business decisions. Voicemail facility also enables the reception of voice messages in the mailbox, so that your managers can access it at a later and convenient time.
  • Automated and virtual assistants eliminate the need for expensive front-desk staff, as your customers can redirect themselves through a self-service menu. It makes sure that your clients can reach your organization after working hours and leave important messages that can be accessed later.
  • Ensure that your small business impresses customers with personalized and professional greeting messages by investing in a cloud based virtual phone system. Clients feel valued to receive such customized messages, and it definitely gives your business an enhanced and proficient image.
  • Virtual phone systems contain tons of technological collaborative options that keep your team members connected in real-time such as video conferencing, image sharing, instant messaging, and web international call solution.

VoIP has taken over the business world in a big way and has gained immense popularity over traditional calling methods. Security, groundbreaking features, cost-efficiency, and rich-audio quality make virtual phone systems a sure shot winner in any organization!

So, if you are still thinking, make sure that you get activated right now – invest in a top-class service provider such as CallHippo to usher your organization into the era of virtual telephony. Virtual telephone systems are the secret ingredient to quick success – it will be the best decision for your company in the long term!


Updated : May 6, 2021


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