Think about it – in just a few years, video content has gained the highest popularity in the business world. This is crazy but video content is something the world prefers today. Is video content worth it? The answer is YES. Not because everyone is opting for video marketing, but because it has become the most profitable, versatile, and powerful form of online marketing.  

Importance of Video Content in Brand Development

Video content should be an essential part of your business marketing strategy as more and more people are switching towards visual content for learning and understanding things around them. According to a recent CNBC report, YouTube alone has approximately 1 billion users which are one-third of the total population across the globe. The evolving popularity of videos in the industry is apparent.  

According to a Demand Metric survey, 83% of participants said that video content has been becoming highly popular and brands need to incorporate videos in their business marketing strategies to be in the competition. Here are some benefits of using videos in your business marketing strategy:

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An Amazing Boost in Your Website SEO

Video content has proven to be an effective way in driving website traffic, improving user experience, building engagement – eventually leading a business website to a higher ranking over search engines, if executed in a strategic manner. As consumers are demanding more and more video content due to their simplicity, it is expected that search engines will continue to raise the ranking of websites who are incorporating video marketing in their marketing strategy.

Improved Audience Engagement

As per a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute, 62% of marketers consider video content as an effective strategy for engaging the audience and generating business leads. Video content is being consumed life never before, this shows the popularity of videos among the audience. Being a marketer, you should make videos a core part of their marketing campaign to taste real success from your efforts.

Enhanced Customer Trust

Trust is the biggest element when it comes to driving more and more conversions. Publishing regular videos about your business on different platforms is a great way to display the audience who you are and what you are bringing to them. Video content not just helps you in building trust among visitors but also encourages them to make a purchase from your website.

Increased Conversion Rate and Sales

Video content can really help you make some serious money if used wisely. Adding videos related to your business products and services on your landing page can boost conversions by 80%. Not just this but videos can also lead your business directly to sales. As statistics represent, 74% of people who watched a product video are more likely to purchase it. Thus, it is better to begin crafting compelling product videos now.

High ROI

Branded video content shows great ROI. According to the data, 83% of brands believe video content delivers a great return on investment. For desired results, start making innovative videos for your brand promotion from this moment. Make certain the videos you are creating should be relevant to your business.

You can not deny the fact that video content is ruling the marketplace. If you are seeking business development tactics, opt for video marketing, and promote your business successfully.  

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Choose the Right Video Making Tool

So, you have decided to incorporate videos into your business marketing strategy. Great! The right use of video marketing can help your business create awareness among the target audience and boost engagement. Now, you might be thinking about where to begin. How to make videos within your budget?

Most people around the globe think creating and editing business videos is a challenging and expensive job. Don’t forget that you are living in a century where technology is evolving day-by-day.  

In this era, you do not need to hire a videographer and pay him a huge amount of money to shoot a video for your business. Video making has become quite easy with a number of video-maker tools available online. You can create any kind of video as per your business by picking the right online tool.

Still confused, which tool you should choose to make your business videos? From different tools available online, Renderforest can be your ideal choice to create compelling marketing videos.  

Renderforest: An Effective Video Marketing Tool

Basically, Renderforest is a cloud-based video making tool to build professional videos. It is a free branding tool that provides you the ability to create an interesting video within a few clicks. With the use of this online tool, creating engaging business videos is just a matter of a few minutes. This online video maker possesses several features. Let’s take a look at its major features:

  • Creation of high-quality videos online
  • Advanced video maker or editor
  • Inbuilt AI and machine learning algorithms
  • Helps you in creating intro videos, promo videos, demo video, interviews, and other types of videos
  • Includes a voiceover trimmer tool to double the effectiveness of your business video
  • Supports commercial videos’ creation
  • Unlimited royalty-free HD formats to make your project more professional
  • Rich sound library
  • Free online tool

It would be right to say that Renderforest has brought the novelty in the video production industry. Now, video creation is automated and with this online video maker tool, you can build simple as well as professional videos in no time. Simply, make a script and turn it into a captivating video automatically with inbuilt artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms of Renderforest.


A video is considered as the king of content and unsurprisingly the future of online marketing. If you are not using video marketing, start using it from now, and get ready to see a drastic change in your business growth. Create impressive videos that suit your marketing objectives, publish them on the right platforms, and take your business to a new level.

Updated : June 15, 2021


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