Do you often need to travel for business meetings? If so, there are many important tools that should be installed on your smartphone. These tools make your business travel smooth and comfortable without any kind of hassles. The tools can range from hotel booking apps to managing expenses. Some of the tools that can ease your business travel are. 


TripIt is a mobile app that can keep your travel itinerary in one place. Any information you require for the trip – whether it is hotel bookings, flight schedules, or meeting information, there is one solution TripIt. It keeps all the information accessible and organizes it in the form of a calendar. 

You can forward all the confirmation emails to the TripIt account, and the app will keep everything sorted for you. The app is available on Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iOS platforms. The basic app is free, and the pro version costs $49 a year. 



Concur is a travel and expense manager. The expense management tools, the ability of the app to sync with your office for required approvals, and easy to export expense reports definitely place it above all the competitors in the market. 



With various apps for car rental, flights, and hotel booking, Skyscanner is an app that makes it easy to compare bookings, find the best prices and book in the app. It is great for booking on the go when some unexpected trips arise. 



CallHippo is a leading VoIP service provider that offers you a cut-above and cost-effective calling app that you can’t afford to miss out on. With its virtual phone number, you can stay connected with your loved ones even in the remote areas. The best part is that there are no hefty roaming charges involved.

As long as you have a virtual phone number and active internet connection (Wi-Fi or mobile network), you can call, send text and video calls to your friends and family. Its truck loaded business features that you can handle important business work easily. So, business travelers cannot afford to miss it.



Yelp is an app that has reviews, menus, address tracking, and a no-brainer food app. It helps you in treating yourself at the end of the day and meeting with clients over power lunches. 


Mynd Calendar

Mynd is a different type of calendar. It is a personal assistant and makes your day easier by giving essential and simple features to manage your daily life. If you are late for a meeting, you can tap the button and inform everyone that you will be postponing the meeting by 30 minutes. It is a very advanced calendar app and is available on the iOS platform. It is free of cost.

traveler tools


Postagram is a great medium for sharing your trip with family and friends who are at home. You can take a picture with the app; add your message, and deliver preferences. Your loved ones will receive a physical postcard in the email. It is a nice way to stay connected with those relatives who are not on social networking sites like Instagram or Facebook. It is available on Android and iOS platforms for free. 


Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is a bridge between travelers and hotels that allows hotels to sell their last-minute inventory, and travelers to book a room on the day of arrival. This app can come in handy if you have forgotten to book a room in advance, the hotel is overbooked, or you are traveling without any room reservations. 

This app lets you browse through many cities around the world and find great places to stay with just a few clicks on your phone. 


Uber is the future of taxi cabs. In today’s world, it is not necessary to order a private car to avoid unpleasant experiences of a taxi. Do not leave your next pick on a chance, hoping for a decent cab or driver to show up on time. Instead, go with Uber. 

Track arrival time of your car on the phone, get welcomed by a professional driver, take a comfortable seat, and let Uber app take care of the payment part. If you show up at your next meeting in a private car, it will definitely create an impression on everyone. 



GateGuru is a great companion to those who fly a lot. The app summarizes your flight itinerary in a simple and beautiful interface. By using this app, you do not have to sit at your gate in anticipation of a gate change. The app will let you know of any changes made to your flight schedule.  

One of the best features of GateGuru is its stats feature that gives you a knowledge of how many hours you have spent at airports, in planes, and in any other places. On the contrary, the thought might also depress you when you realize the time you have spent in traveling.

Apart from this, you might also have to do the international calling. If there is a need for international calling, then you must go for CallHippo. The app is an intelligent phone system specially designed for business. It supports virtual telephony as well as workflow automation. The app is available on desktop and mobile and manages customer and prospect calling data. 

By using this app, you can train new employees, design sales scripts, analyze the productivity of an employee, find customer acquisition costs, and improve customer support. 


Thus, we see that business traveling is not a piece of cake, but it can be made into one if you

are using the above-mentioned apps. These apps can come to your rescue when you

are clueless about anything.

Updated : February 12, 2021


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