COVID-19 has shaken the world economy in the worst possible way. It has made many companies worldwide put their business on hold until everything settles. This has led to the failure of companies to be unable to fulfill client commitments. These consequences are faced by the organizations that are unable to assign work from home to their employees.  

While companies have appointed work from home to the majority of the employees, being able to evaluate employee efficiency is very crucial.  

If done correctly, it can be a great source of information and creates a lot of scopes for companies to prosper even if the market is thin.  

Usually, companies conduct assessments when they need to do performance analysis for employee improvement, promotion, and pay raises. But now things are different as companies are dealing with an entire workforce working remotely.    

How can you increase the productivity of your remote employee amid COVID-19?

Currently, this is a question that is haunting most of the managers across the globe, and why not. It is their responsibility to bring the best out of the employees no matter what the situation and circumstances are.   

 A manager needs to figure out a way to prepare and standardize the employee’s activities during the working hours so that they can fix the blunders, ill-directed, or incompetent human trials through a systematic administration. This will raise the chances of the prosperity of both employer and employee.     

There have been various changes in the economy since the 1900s. More importance is given to software and intellect driven industries rather than coal or steel industries. Also, jobs that were dependent on manufacturing have fallen from 33% to 10.7% in the U.S.   

With so much change in the economy, it is tough to find a measuring parameter to estimate employee output in the most reliable way possible. A company can not judge by the number of login hours by every employee.     

Why should it be mandatory for every company to monitor remote work?

Better late than never. Always keep in mind that when you are dealing with remote workers, it is a basic necessity to keep track of them. We have listed a few benefits so that all your doubts are cleared.  

Here are some of the benefits of a sound employee monitoring system

i) The employees will know that they are accountable for each day’s output. This will motivate them to produce results regularly.  

ii) With an excellent time tracking tool, you have concrete proof of their productivity.  

iii) As it is easy and simple to keep track of the time that is spent on each task, employers will know which employee is performing exceptionally.   

iv) The tools you will be using are capable of multitasking; you don’t have to worry about keeping track of time and task management. All of this will be taken care of.   

v) As everything is under control with the help of the tool, it is easier to hire and keep working with remote employees as you will be ensured that they are committed to your company only.   

Measure productivity of your team onWFH

Here Are 12 Reasons Why You Must Use CallHippo for Tracking Work from Home Employees:

Amid world lockdown, there are a lot of changes that humanity is going through. Similarly, your business choices and needs are changing, as well. We have explained a few features and their benefits that will help your business survive through this hard time.  

i) Easy Plug & Play setup

CallHippo is user-friendly and comes with no technical hassles. You can easily set up your business phone system within 3 minutes. This will help your newly employed remote staff to use the system with the least supervision. 

ii) Call Analytics

The best way to keep an eye on your employees during COVID-19 is by using call analytics. You can view metrics like the call load of your team members, percentage of missed calls, total call time, and much more to determine how successful your marketing strategies are. 

iii) Internal Team Communications with Call Transfer

Staying connected 24×7 with your team is one of the most sought after features when the entire team is working in different locations. What if we tell you that with the help of CallHippo, you can stay connected with your staff members all the time by call transfer.

iv) Use the Common Platform To Unite Distributed teams 

If you have an MNC or work in one country, but your employees or customers are located in different geographies, then you need to have a business model that helps you stay connected with them on the go. Our platform can provide you with robust features for all your business locations. 

v) Call Barging

Call Barging is a feature used by a call center that lets you listen to live calls without the caller or the customer executive knowing. This is also called “silent call monitoring.” And if you feel things are not going right or are going exceptionally well, you can just barge into the call and speak to both caller and the executive.

Time is money, and every action you take in time counts whether it is tracking your team or monitoring live calls of your subordinate with the help of call barging. This feature is most useful during real-time training. 

vi) Exceptional Customer Experience

A business can succeed only if the customers are having a good time interacting with your product and services. Take the benefit of team collaboration and strengthen the essence of your team by keeping everyone updated from time to time. And when everyone is on the same page, it will be easier to take care of what the customer has asked for. 

vii) Multi-channel Communication

Customers nowadays are very active and vigilant and have their priorities straight. If they are impressed with the follow-up, they will be a loyal customer and will do word of mouth publicity for your brand in their circle. This means good business with less effort. With our multi-channel communications possibilities like calls and messages, you can easily follow-up and communicate with the customer.

viii) Availability Around The Clock

CallHippo helps you make your business so efficient and more trackable. This can only be done when your business is working 24×7 around the clock, even during off-working hours. 

ix) Anti-theft Measures

Anti-theft is one of the major concerns of companies that we have taken care of. You can save personal and intimate customer data with CallHippo to support them without any disruption. 

x) No More Legal Security Worries

The bigger the company, the bigger is its issues, primarily legal security issues. Every word you write or say can be used as evidence against you or in your favor. So why not have all the call recording with trustworthy insights at your service in case there is any legal action against you.

xi) Increase Team Productivity

Your team will thank you for this feature because it will not only eliminate the constraints of being at one physical location but will also make the business more productive. 

xii) Find Me Follow Me

Find-me/Follow-me is a combination of two interrelated business phone system that is usually installed together. With the Find-me service, the incoming calls will be automatically routed to the required location. This feature will make it a tad more comfortable for you to communicate with remote employees, clients, and partners, whether you are at home or traveling from one to another.

We understand that the world is suffering due to this severe epidemic of COVID-19, and so is the world economy. We are trying our best to do as much for the community as possible. That’s why we want everyone who has managed to provide work from home to employees to use these tools and keep track of the work. Because work should never stop and if it does, then all those extra shifts and extended office hours will go in vain. For more information and suggestions on these tools, please connect with one of our executives.

Updated : February 23, 2021


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