Personalization is a hot topic these days. Personalization reduces acquisition costs by 50% and increases revenue by 5-15%. In fact, some businesses have become extremely skilled at providing personalized services.

Say for example if you are in a Pizza Hut in Japan you can order a Bulgogi pizza, your Canadian friends have options to order a maple bacon pizzas, residents in Hong Kong may get a pizza topped with hot dogs. These are nothing but global variations in menu offerings. They are a form of localization, a tool that helps to build global sales and customer loyalty across different cultures, different countries.

So what is the reason behind this shift from Homogeneous international marketing strategy to more personalized local marketing?

“Customers no longer feels connected with generic products and communications”. Forget Globalization customers of the 21st century now demand relevant marketing and this is why brands today are thinking “glocal” when it comes to marketing and increasing sales.


How can business Phone System personalize services and increase sales?

For many companies, Phone conversations are extremely valuable. Businesses all over the world are spending millions of dollars every year to drive their calls to their call centers and increase their sales.

According to Sales Hacker

Your phone number should be featured in all your marketing campaigns which should also include the digital marketing platforms such as social media, online profiles, ad campaigns, and email campaigns, as these platforms become an immediate selling point to customers who desire for person-to-person communication. Don’t depend on contact forms alone: customers are craving for personal interaction”.

Some of the big brands in industries like automotive, insurance, finance, travel, retail, healthcare, and telecommunication have websites that each year can receive millions of visitors and generate thousands of Phone calls, coming from different locations using the phone number listed on the company’s website. What if these companies display the headquarter number everywhere? Will the customer call the business?

Suppose you are in Houston trying to reach a Taco Bell Franchise near you, but the phone number on the website reflects a Toronto area code, hence you may be a little hesitant to call the number. If you know the store is in your town, shouldn’t the contact information also reflect that?

The best solution in this situation is the amazing feature by CallHippo i.e Dynamic Number Insertion.

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Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic Number Insertion is a technology that replaces the phone number on your site based on the caller’s geographic location.  

Customers often search for local solutions. Suppose you operate a real estate firm with a number of offices all over the state of California. If a lead somehow reaches your landing page by searching the term” Beverly Hills Real estate”  displaying a 310 number can strengthen your firm’s local Beverly hills presence and ultimately create more calls.

This can be done using Dynamic Number Insertion. This increases trust among your customers. For many businesses, the presence of a local phone number can increase the odds that a prospect calls you right away.


What so special about using a Local Business Phone Number for this purpose? How will it help me reach out to more customers?

International Phone numbers and outlandish calls alienate your customers while Local Phone number makes you more approachable. By buying a local business phone number you are telling your customers that you care enough to establish a local identity and at the same empowering your employees to work from anywhere in the world. With local Business Phone numbers, your customers can place international calls economically. Your callers can now reach you 24*7 and enhance your marketing and advertising efforts along with boosting your virtual Existence to increase sales.

When a customer search for a product or service Local Business Phone numbers is the most often used resource. You can also advertise them in various local directories.

But what is the use of taking so many efforts if your customers are not able to understand a single word you are saying? You won’t believe it but they are 6 billion out of 7.5 billion inhabitants in the world who are non-English Speakers. So if you are only using the English language to promote your business than my friend you need to take a pause and think again.

So can VOIP Phone system help here?

These online Phone systems come with a bunch of features. One of the most important Functionalities that can help you promote your business while your customers are on hold is by narrating your marketing efforts in the local language.

In some of the key markets such as Latin America, where proficiency in the English language is poor, the ability to communicate in local languages such as Spanish and Portuguese is an absolute necessity to conduct business.

In a global survey of 2400 customers spread over eight nations, it was found that more than half of the people i.e 56.2 percent of people said that they are willing to do business or pay for goods and services if the business communicates with them in their own local language.  

Not only this it also reduces the risk of your message being misunderstood. Say for example if you are talking to a Spanish Customer and use the “ embarrassed” which means “being ashamed” -however, the Spanish word “ embarazada” means “ being pregnant”.Just imagine the chaos it will create.


So what is the ideal place to display the business phone number on your website?

A well-placed phone number will not only bolster your offline conversations but will also boost your online conversations.

So where is the best place to include a phone number? Usually, the best place is either in the top right-hand corner of the website or directly above a web form. This is the best option if your whole and sole objective are to drive more calls to your inside sales team. Experiment the number placement with different font sizes and colors.


Dynamic Number Insertion power coupled with Local Virtual Phone System

  • Register a Pool of telephone numbers from a trustworthy online Phone system Provider. The quantity of these online Phone numbers depends on the number of countries from where you receive the traffic.
  • Once you have the pool of telephone numbers, generate the javascript code and place it on your website.
  • When someone visits your website, the phone number on your website will change dynamically based on the visitor’s geographic location.
  • When the visitor calls this dynamic Phone number two things to happen. First, they get forwarded to the Local virtual phone number you specified and second you can track all the details associated with that caller.

If increasing your sales by reaching out to customers in the language they want and to give them a local feel you should definitely give a try to the Virtual telephony services provided by CallHippo.

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