10 Top Sales Professionals To Follow In 2022

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green tickPublished : December 12, 2019

Sales are the backbone of any business organization. If you do not have a smart strategy in place to escalate your sales pipeline, your business will surely lose out on revenues and brand credibility. Not only that, but it is also important to remain aware of upcoming trends in the sales domain, and interact with influential sales personalities whenever possible.

Networking can help you gain a competitive edge and stay at the top of your sales game. Social media is a great way to keep connected with sales professionals and learn the tricks of the trade from them. And when we talk about social media sites, nothing better than platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter for community learning.

LinkedIn and Twitter are together ranked as the topmost platforms for professionals from different industries to come together, and share their experiences, expertise, and wisdom. They are specifically built for hungry, passionate and motivated professionals to learn from each other and draw inspiration. 

There are tons of people from the sales field who are eager to connect and network through LinkedIn. Twitter is another remarkable tool where you can connect with sales experts and gain from their considerable experience and influential thoughts. There are many bright thinkers and innovators who have transformed the way organizations conduct the sales process. Here is a compiled a list of the top ten most seasoned sales professionals to watch out for this year – get in touch with them on social media websites to gain from their expertise and knowledge:

Steve Keating- Sales and Leadership Expert

A well-known American technology executive, Steve Keating served as the President of Honeywell from 1965 to 1974. He has a rich amount of experience in diverse fields such as writing, selling, marketing, and presenting. Steve Keating is also heavily involved in training young professionals in sales, leadership, customer service techniques, and public speaking. He is very active on LinkedIn and keeps interacting with bright young minds. Some blog posts by Keating such as No, Sales Don’t Fix Everything is ideal for sales team members as they can inspire and motivate them greatly. A well-recognized management expert, Steve Keating is one person that you need to follow in 2021 to get deeper insights into the sales field. 

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Daniel Pink – Best Selling Author

A renowned American journalist, author, and presenter, Daniel Pink has written four New York bestsellers including Drive and To Sell are Human. He is a bold thinker with provocative ideas on behavioral and social sciences. Daniel Pink is famous for holding motivational talks, and inspiring young professionals from all fields. He is an exceptional salesman and has many innovative ideas that can help business organizations. An extremely well-connected sales expert, Daniel Pink is highly active on social media. He provides mentorship, coaching sessions and publishes his blog regularly, hence anyone from the sales function can benefit by connecting with him on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Jeff Shore – President, Shore Consulting

A multi-talented and novel sales professional, Jeff Shore has more than three decades of experience behind him. He was donned many hats – motivational speaker, author, management expert, and executive coach. Currently one of the most highly sought-after training experts across the global, Jeff Shore can give you many real-time strategies or tips that will help in closing sales successfully. He is a keynote speaker, has written many blogs such as Why Your Sales People Aren’t Actually Practicing and conducts interactive workshops for sales teams to win the game through innovative methods. Connect with Jeff Shores on Twitter or LinkedIn to benefit from his dynamic personality and follow his sales strategies.



Nancy Nardin- Founder Smart Selling Tools Inc

A well-recognized sales technology expert, Nancy Nardin has sound professional knowledge about marketing productivity tools and techniques. She is an established thought leader in the sales domain and has published tons of material that can help novices in the field to improve their sales strategy. Nardin has been recently named as one of the top 30 Social Sales Influencers for her pioneering work. She writes and publishes on her blog regularly, and is highly active on various social media networks. Get in touch with Nancy Nardin to gain from her vast experience and diverse knowledge pool.

Tony Hughes – Sales Consultant and Author

One of the most read and popular sales consultants on LinkedIn, Tony Hughes has made waves due to his award-winning blog, powerful books, and inspirational speeches. He is an acclaimed sales influencer and is an expert in the field of sales leadership, having published famous blog posts such as How To Game Sales Success. Tony Hughes provides valuable sales insights and tips that help teams gain a competitive edge, and close maximum sales deals in an effective manner. With over three decades of experience in sales performance and business leadership, Hughes is a force to be reckoned with – make sure to connect with him to understand his sales leadership techniques better.

Matthew Cook- Director Sales Enablement, Square 2

A comprehensive sales management leader, Matthew Cook is a thought leader with tons of innovative ideas. He is extremely committed and passionate about transforming the way companies sell their products.  With over 25 years of seasoned experience, Matthew Cook is devoted to helping sales teams exceed expectations and perform to the best of their abilities. He updates his blog regularly and interacts with young thinkers to gain from their fresh perspective. Matthew Cook has a wide community of followers of LinkedIn and Twitter, and is always eager to connect with sales professionals to draw positive experiences from their journey!

Trish Bertuzzi – CEO, The Bridge Group

Author of the Bestselling Book The Sales Development Playbook, Trish Bertuzzi is a well-known author, a management consultant, and thought leader in the international arena. She works with sales management teams at all levels to help them strategize better so that they can increase business revenues. Bertuzzi has collaborated with over 320 companies by enhancing their sales leadership and optimize their marketing techniques. She is a keynote speaker and a famous author with a lot of acclaimed published material. Connect with her to drive your sales deals home easily, and gain from her novel experience.

Aja Frost- Senior SEO and Sales Strategist, Hubspot

From beginning her career as a staff writer in Hubspot, Aja Frost has come a long way. She is now widely recognized as a sales and marketing expert with a vast amount of experience. She shares her sales experiences by publishing content in a number of industry blogs, and also writes a bi-weekly email newsletter to all her followers. Aja Frost is a keen sales development coach and has conducted many workshops to help budding professionals in the field. She is highly active on LinkedIn and Twitter, so do get in touch with her to sharpen your sales knowledge, skills and strategies.

Kim Orlesky-Sales Coach, KO Advantage Group

Kim Orlesky is a pioneer in the sales development domain who has gained wide recognition globally. She is dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs sell their products and services in a more impactful manner. Orlosky empowers sales professionals to do things in a better, and more innovative way to drive results faster. She conducts lectures, conferences, and workshops all over the world. A leading executive sales coach, Kim Orlesky has a massive community of followers on social media. Connect with her on LinkedIn to benefit from her pearls of wisdom that will definitely refine your sales technique.

Ion Moyse-Sales Director, Natterbox Limited

With over 25 years of experience, Ion Moyse is a recognized thought leader in the sales leadership domain. He is a keynote speaker in the cloud industry and has coached many sales teams successfully over the years. Moyse has helped many organizations increase business revenues by helping them sell new product lines effectively. A guest blogger, social influencer, and keen writer, Ion Moyse is active on social media sites such as LinkedIn, through which he inspires a wide base of followers with his expert advice and knowledge.

There is a burgeoning community of sales professionals out there on various social media sites. Make sure to connect with the best on LinkedIn or Twitter as it can keep you up-to-date on the various upcoming trends in the sales function. Read their blogs, ask them questions, and attend online events to stay in the loop of all current happenings in the sales ecosystem.

The core fundamental concept of social media networking is to make connections – so network with these rising stars to gain a strong competitive advantage and up your sales game!

Updated : June 23, 2022

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