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Strategizing a perfect marketing plan can be tricky at times, especially for complex businesses. New England Social Media Agency, more popularly known as NESMA, is the #1 Advertiser/Marketing company in New Hampshire, United States, that is best known for providing full-fledged marketing services for small and mid-sized businesses. Right from code optimization, site optimization, brand development, SEM services to content writing and optimization, competitive strategy analysis, social network marketing, social bookmarking, and more, NESMA caters to a wide range of services. With their specialists working on the client’s holistic campaigns at a time, NESMA assures that its clients always get an insight into the activities happening with their accounts at all times.

With an industry experience of over 15 years, the NESMA team is pro at providing custom marketing solutions, personalized SEM strategies, and internet marketing strategies. Moreover, they believe in building meaningful, long-lasting relationships.

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Here Is How Callhippo Helped Nesma Increase Revenue By 37% With Its Cloud Telephony Solution

In this fierce business landscape, where companies are growing and expanding rapidly, it requires unique strategic thinking to float at the top. So, many organizations seek the assistance of marketing agencies to help them create, implement, and sustain marketing strategies. NESMA, is one such advertiser/marketing firm in New Hampshire, United States.
CallHippo Case Study with Nesma success story
They specialize in creating custom marketing plans for their clients and thus help them improve their marketing efforts. They ensure that their clients stay in the loop 24/7 and help the NESMA team stay accountable.

Challenges faced by NESMA before deploying CallHippo

With multiple departments like BPS sales, Marketing, and Development working on different clients’ requirements, NESMA somewhere found communication glitches internally. They noticed that the inquiries they were getting were on their personal phone number. Thus, communicating the same information to their team consumed a lot of their time. This resulted in delayed processes.

This is where they seek assistance from CallHippo!

How Callhippo Helped Nesma Overcome Its Challenges?

Deploying CallHippo to meet their communication needs proved quite beneficial for NESMA. At first, they managed to streamline client communication. With CallHippo’s IVR functionality, their clients are now able to connect with the right team member at the right time directly. Thus, they started saving 40% of their time daily, which is now utilized for optimizing customer experience and giving them better services.

How Is Nesma Making The Most Out Of Callhippo’s Business Phone System?

Moreover, the NESMA Sales team is leveraging CallHippo to make calls to their prospective customers and to guide them through their services effectively. Besides, taking follow-ups has been easier as they can now refer to the call recordings to gauge the previous conversation their customers had. Their team says that CallHippo’s SMS feature, along with calling, gives them an added advantage of having all communications on one platform. When their clients approach them via an SMS, they can quickly revert with a counter-text. Hence, CallHippo aided the NESMA team to streamline all its time-consuming complex processes; thus, helping them boost their revenue by 37% in just 2 months.

Which Feature Of Callhippo Did Nesma Like The Most?

Call Analytics has helped the NESMA team to keep the KPIs of the sales team in check which was difficult earlier.

This feature by CallHippo has been the cornerstone of NESMA’s increased productivity and improved services. With functionalities like Call Recording, Call Duration, and offering feedback in real-time, NESMA administrates are now empowered to have a quick insight into their team’s performance.


With consistent improvement in the quality of services, NESMA gained tangible benefits right from solving communication glitches to helping their team increase productivity.

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