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Virtual phone systems have taken over the business world in a big way – they are a real boon for new start-ups, mid-sized organizations and global giants alike as they set up a streamlined communication network. A virtual phone number is an absolute necessity in today’s corporate environment as it can result in highly cheap calling rates, better productivity and continuous round the clock accessibility.

Getting a CallHippo phone number can be a monumental decision for your organization, however, it will surely be one that you will never regret. While there are many service providers in the market, CallHippo has established its reputation as a leader in virtual phone numbers.

Investing in a second phone number for your business will result in a number of advantages, and bring about a dramatic positive change in seamless communication practice, so do not hesitate about adopting a virtual phone system and go for a CallHippo phone number instantly!

CallHippo-Virtual Phone Number

Getting the right virtual phone number is a huge decision, and it is often confusing and challenging to choose from the various alternatives.  

Let us check out two service providers and see where they stand in comparison to the most dominant player in the virtual phone system market – CallHippo.


Line2 is a service provider that uses data or wifi connection to provide an additional second phone number to an organization. It provides a local phone number with unlimited calls and texts to USA/Canada. Though Line2 has a number of features, the Line2 reviews on various platforms show a number of complaints from dissatisfied users, hence it might be a better decision to get a Line2 alternative for your organization.

Here are some Line2 reviews on various forums that highlight its inherent flaws and problems.

Kim Johnston

Kim Johnston rated the service provided by Line2 as terrible and emphasized that their customer support is ineffective as no one picks up the phone to help customers with their issues or queries. She said that it was difficult to get a response from their service team and trying to cancel was an impossible task.

It is better to get a Line2 alternative such as a reliable CallHippo phone number as it has an amazing support team with a 24/7 chatline to solve all your complaints or problems. Most CallHippo reviews testify to the fact that their support and service is very prompt, and company representatives are available at any time of the day to help aggrieved clients.

Dominick S

Dominick S, who is a paid user of Line2 feels that the application used to be solid at a point of time, but it has become very unreliable since the new update since it crashes very frequently. It also automatically logs out, thus causing users to miss out on important calls and text messages.

These negative Line2 reviews have made a number of corporate clients move towards a CallHippo number as it is the best Line2 alternative available in the market. CallHippo provides a steady connection, ensures that no essential business calls are missed, and is a very seamless service provider – making it the number one choice for virtual phone systems!

CallHippo-Virtual Phone Number


Sideline is a popular application that gives companies a second phone number to enhance efficiency and increase business communication processes smoothly. It helps users to choose a local area code to create a professional identity and foster team communication between members.

Sideline has number characteristics such as number porting,  Caller ID, group messaging and voicemail, however, it has still received very unfavorable Sideline reviews. This is the prime reason most organizations are opting for Sideline alternatives and purchasing CallHippo phone numbers that have innovative and novel features such as call queuing, recording, call barging and a large number of personalization options.

Let us check out some detailed negative Sideline reviews which prove why you need to go in for Sideline alternatives and invest in a quality service provider.


W.Shawn. W rates Sideline as not even being close to professional grade and feels that the app does not allow users to get a completely individualized phone number. He feels that Sideline does not let multiple lines work at the same time which is a drawback, and also has a very ineffective support team as they never respond to tickets in a timely manner.

The poor Sideline reviews reinforce the need to look out for the perfect Sideline alternative such as CallHippo – it has the most advantageous features and a very effective support team, along with the most cost-effective and economical calling rates which are sure to reduce your long term phone expenditure.

Sandra B

Sandra B rated Sideline as a very poor application as she started using it when it was free, however on switching to the paid version she felt that there was nothing different and it was not worth the monetary investment. The customer service provided to Sandra was terrible and her account was terminated without information, and no help was provided to resume services by the support team.

The unpopular Sideline reviews justify the requirement to go in for great Sideline alternatives in the market such as CallHippo. It gives the best value for money and has intelligent automated features that are sure to save time, money and effort of team members in routine communication practices.

A second phone number is a super-rational choice for any kind of organization. Do not waste any more time and invest in a second phone number for your business as it will improve customer interaction, ensure privacy and help your employees achieve a better work-life balance. Having a single phone number is outdated, and most organizations now encourage employees to use different personal and work phone numbers – it is the best way to minimize distractions and harness maximum productivity at the workplace.

So leverage the power of a second phone line by getting a CallHippo phone number which is sure to enhance your bottom line profits and help your organization achieve professional excellence through sophisticated innovative features.

Updated : February 11, 2021


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