As organizations expand their presence beyond borders, global commercial hub spots have become accessible to all countries. Multinational and cross-cultural business exchanges are now common. These companies benefit from a rich knowledge base and have a diverse workforce with a vast skill set.

If your company chooses to expand beyond boundaries and set up base in a new foreign market, communication is definitely going to be a huge challenge. Since over 60% of clients prefer to get in touch with small businesses over the telephone, investing in an enterprise-level hosted phone system is definitely a good idea.

Customer preference to call small business

When you are entering uncharted new territories, your company will need to take steps to create a rapport with local customers. They may be skeptical or hesitant to try out your products or services. Your team members need to open multiple channels of communication so that they get to accept your brand.

Now, it is undoubtedly challenging to compete with existing established corporations in a global market. In such cases, getting an office phone system will definitely help. Local phone numbers will streamline operational efficiency and lead to better task flow management. It will also help budding businesses gain a competitive advantage over rivals and establish brand dominance.

Why Your Firm Needs A Local Phone Number:

Companies often don’t want to deviate from standard traditional methods of doing something. This involves communication, as well. Wired telephone lines work well for most businesses. They are not flexible and do not promote accessibility of data, but companies have been using them for so long that they do not want to switch.

Well, the current era is one that is powered by virtual telephony. Virtual phone solutions are corporate assets that can lead to 50-75% cost savings. They have economic calling plans that are ideal for organizations that make a high volume of calls. Most credible VoIP service vendor offers a multitude of solutions for all kinds of industries.

Getting a local phone number is perfect for organizations that are operating in the global market. It can help any kind of business – small, medium, or giant to establish a robust local presence even if they are geographically hundreds of miles away. For example, suppose your organization is based in India; however, you have expanded it to the United States market. Your company can get a US local phone number with an area code of the region from where you are running the business. This ensures that your local US-based customers can call you round the clock, and builds a positive reputation for your company.

Well, in the current globalized ecosystem, organizations are definitely not restricting themselves to any particular geographic domain. They are moving to new unexplored areas to capitalize on the best business opportunities. In such cases, investing in an enterprise-level hosted phone system is a business necessity. Here are some realistic reasons that will motivate multi-national organizations to get a local phone number at the earliest:

  • Thrusts Up Brand Image: If your company is running the show in a foreign land, you will definitely need to work on building an image of reliability. Local clients will want to trust other organizations that have existed for the past few years and have already developed a solid reputation. Getting a local phone number is a smart move as it can enhance brand image and help clients trust your firm. Customers, vendors, stakeholders, and external partners have a unified communication portal. This leads to better team collaboration and job engagement. A business phone system is a must-have for any multinational global business venture as it can help in creating an independent identity and open multiple channels of communication networks.
  • Gives A Personal Touch: If you want to provide a local feel to your international business, it is essential to develop personal goodwill with your clients. A local phone number has many advanced features that can enhance the customer-company relationship. You can put customized greetings or play music for your clients while they wait to get connected to a support representative. You can also send personalized birthday messages and let them know about any upcoming promotions or offers. This paves the path for your company to develop a loyal tribe of followers and ensures long term customer retention.

give a local feel to your international business

  • Enhances Accessibility: We live in a digital era, and the modern customer does not want to wait for an extended period before receiving quality service. Communication systems need to build up accessibility and encourage two-way dialogue. A local phone number will motivate your clients to give your agents a call, without a second thought. Most cloud-based office phone systems allow support representatives to receive business calls, irrespective of geographical location. This enhances accessibility, and customers remain happy as they do not need to wait for working office hours to receive service. Agents can work from their smartphones itself, thereby promoting remote work and boosting mobility levels.
  • Delivers A Better Service Experience: Companies need to strive to provide a dynamic, wholesome, and engaging customer experience to their loyalists. Enterprise-level hosted phone systems increase customer satisfaction by decreasing response time and providing instant service. Clients do not need to wait in endless telephone queues, wasting half of the day. They are immediately diverted to available support agents to resolve complaints, issues, or problems. Virtual phone systems are agile, responsive, and flexible. They enable team members to share important data so that better business decisions can be taken for the betterment of the company.
  • Automate Routine Tasks: The world is moving towards automation and artificial intelligence. This is a huge bonus point of local phone numbers – it automates many repetitive and mundane communication tasks. When companies operate in a foreign land, they are often short-staffed and cannot afford to hire an army of workers. Office phone systems have automated voice response technology that allows customers to self-direct themselves to the required department or extension number. This reduces the internal dependency on manual staff and facilitates seamless task flow management.
  • Scalability: Companies don’t start off in a huge way immediately in an overseas market. They need to build customer trust and plan for business expansion in the long run. This means that the communication system that you get should be prepared to scale up or down, according to business requirements. Business phone numbers are highly scalable, and most reliable VoIP service vendors customize specific packages according to a business model. This ensures that your company will not be paying a massive amount for features that it does not need – you can curate a package by selecting the modules of your choice. Getting a scalable and customizable VoIP phone systems will give a fast return on investment, and put the limelight on your organization in global marketspaces.

It is a challenging task to expand your business into new geographical domains. There are many stumbling blocks that you will face concerning culture and communication. Your company will need to work in an international business context. Your managers will have to be aware of norms and proper business etiquette while communicating with local clients. One aspect that can make a positive difference to your strategy is investing in a local phone number. It will avoid misunderstanding between colleagues, managers, and clients by promoting apex voice quality and uninterrupted service.

Anenterprise-level hosted phone system will unify all your communication needs towards a single point. It safeguards information by storing it securely in the cloud and making it accessible to authorized personnel. Do not delay your commercial success in new international markets. Take the first step by getting a local phone number and revolutionize your business strategy! 

Updated : May 6, 2021


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