Running a business in countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, South Africa or the USA attracts a long list of chores. It includes managing the staff, keeping up with the market trends, taking care of logistics, learning new skills, and much more. While the company expands, there is no doubt in the fact that its requirements grow as well. 

And indeed, all of this comes at a cost and expenses which the company has to bear. The world economy is going south, and expensive phone bills are the last thing an organization should be worried. 

Following is a handbook of must-follow steps for all the organizations that aim at taking care of the phone bill problems. 

If you are looking to surge ahead of business rivals, it is imperative to avoid common marketing mistakes that can harm your business and  that can burn your profits and impact bottom-line results. Investing in the right business communication platforms is the best way to reduce increasing call costs and drive up revenues. You can make informed decisions and get a virtual phone number to ensure your team members remain accessible to clients. It drives mobility, and your clients will be delighted to receive superior service round the clock!

It is important to make small changes in your routine business functions that can add up to save communication costs. Make sure to become effective in communicating with probable candidates by leveraging a smart business phone system. This can help your recruitment team personalize communication and also segment candidates into the right talent pools. Also, improve client communication as transparent policies and the right tools can bring down expenses dramatically.

Limit On Employee Cell Phone Services 

Or avoid paying for the employee cell phone services altogether. 

It depends on priorities and on how much you want to reduce the bills. 

Or what budget you have set for this type of spectrum in the company. 

As per an accessible survey report, the average monthly mobile phone bill is $73If a company is paying anything close to this amount, it is draining money out of your pocket. 

There are plenty of options that an institute can follow instead of merely paying for the phone bills of the employees without thinking twice. 

A few decades ago, the management did not need to pay phone bills of the employees. Why not give it a shot once again? Implementing this step will bring down the cost on a humongous level. 

Make Phone Bills Taxable for Everyone

Another popular website conducted a survey which stated that 76% of employees prefer mobile and internet reimbursements. It means a lot of money out of the company’s bank account. 

Another very efficient and instant result generating option is implementing a fair tax on cellular devices. To levy the charges on the bills, the company must have documentation representing how much it paid, and the relationship of the concerned person using the service with the organization. 

It is mandatory to show the usage of the phone. It should state how much it is used for business purposes and how much otherwise. 

An employee will not have to pay the taxes on phone bills if the company has paid for the phone used for business purposes. And, it can deduct the fees in general. 

If a company-paid phone bill which was used by the employee for personal purposes, then the employee must pay taxes on its value and the company has to report it for taxes. 

Use First Hand Latest Technology

Big companies like Netflix, which operate in developed and developing countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and India has over 139.26 million paying VOD customer

It has started using mobile applications instead of mobile phone calls. They also send movie and show recommendations to their customers over these applications. 

It is easier said than done, but this pro tip is both easy to follow and implement as well. Higher phone bills are a big problem faced by organizations universally, but only a few know how to deal with it without any complications. This problem has simple solutions which need to be followed in one step at a time. 

Instead of fixed landlines, one must rely on global VOIP service providers like CallHippoInstead of text messaging use online messaging services is a more inexpensive option. 

These might sound a bit less professional at the beginning but is the most efficient and effective than other options we have been following traditionally. 

Companies must think it like saving paper. In a way, saving paper saves trees, eventually saving humanity. In the same way, using feasible telecommunication services will save the expenses of the company. 

Reduce Your Phone Bill Up to 27%

Say goodbye to Fax Machines Forever. But how?

Faxing has remained one of the most sought-after features of the business cycle since ages. It might be hard to believe, but the first-ever fax machine was built in the year 1843 by a Scottish mechanic and inventor named Alexander Bain. 

Since then, there is no going back. But over the period, fax has become the third wheel for every organization, which in reality has no genuine requirement but looks essential somehow. 

It is high time that every company must start trying new technologies like virtual faxing or a basic scanner/printer. 

You must look into what is new in the market, but still, many companies worldwide rely on the fax machine for most of the communication. 

Besides, the documents that were faxed back in time can safely and efficiently be scanned and sent over an email in a matter of a few seconds. 

Try Bundling Company Phone and Internet services

They say good things come in pairs and they sure were correct. When you are trying to move forward and curb the unwanted company expenses, it is essential to try new things to achieve the goals a company is aiming. 

This facility will include VoIP phones system, internet service, and also television services in some cases. 

By implementing bundling, you can completely get rid of traditional landlines altogether reducing the headache of phone bills on a larger scale. 

Do a general phone bill audit? 

It may sound a bit weird, but it has been proven one of the most natural methods to bring down the phone charges. 

Give it a deep thought does the company, and its employees need overly paid features like call waiting, caller ID, or call forwarding? 

If the answer is no, then a company should avoid paying hefty bills for such features. Instead, leverage the benefits of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Start using the VoIP network where you will have to pay less. At the same time, it offers the benefits of all the features which are present in a traditional landline phone. It will not only save the company’s money but will also save time and curb a lot of stress. 

Opt for Virtual Phone Numbers

It might sound new-age but is one of the most trusted and sought after options used by multinational companies. A virtual phone number or commonly known as direct inward dialling or access number is a telephone number which does not have a directly associated landline. 

Generally, these numbers are pre-programmed to call forward incoming numbers to a pre-assigned telephone number which is chosen by the user from fixed-mobile or VoIP. 

Reduce Bill By Using International Phone Number 

International phone number is a service where you can have a virtual phone number that allows you to engage with customers across the globe. 

It can also forward calls which are received by an unknown or known number to any other phone that you prefer. 

A company that is willing to stay connected to its customers, whether national or international, must use this feature. And, have calls forwarded on the concerned phone numbers in a fraction of seconds. 

Move Forward with The Technology – Online Phone Numbers

The world is moving the speed of light, and so is the technology. Online phone number is a cloud-based phone system which is also known as Direct Inward Dialling. 

This telephone number can directly get connected to the internet. Online phone numbers allow you to dial or receive calls on all the devices like your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc. 

Provision That All Companies Swear By Second Phone Line

Other than all the above tried and tested methods, having a second phone line is also a great idea. It will not only cut down the price but will also get the majority of the audience on the phone irrespective of the geographical area. Getting a second phone line is an excellent alternative as you will be able to receive the calls on the go. 

And, the busy network would not be an issue now. 

The second phone line allows you to have incredible features like unlimited talk time, text messaging, and much more. Moreover, it can be used on mobiles and laptops as well. You will not have to worry about spam calls anymore, and there are extra security features as well. 

It certainly proves that every big problem should get solved with innovative and straightforward telephony features which are readily available nowadays. 

Updated : August 4, 2021


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