CallHippo brings you an exciting opportunity through its Affiliate Program. The program is as simple as it sounds. We will give you a referral link, all you need to do is promote it on various online platforms within your reach. It can be your website, blog or social media platforms. Wandering what’s in for you? Once an order is completed from your referral you get a chance to earn a 20% of recurring commission. So just don’t wait, make the most out of the CallHippo Recurring affiliate program and get a chance to make some extra money by doing a bit.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How to make money fast? Are there any easy ways to make money? The answer to both these questions is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing for beginners or even for professionals is the latest market trend. So, what is it that one does under the affiliate marketing programmes? Under the ambit of affiliate marketing, you simply connect the consumers with the producers and earn handsome money on the sales as commission. All you need is a stable platform, to communicate and market, and you can earn money online.

Basically, affiliate marketing is a performance-driven marketing programme, and there are hardly any differences between the affiliate marketing for beginners and that for the professionals. The whole programme is where the affiliate – the one who indulges in these affiliate marketing programmes – is paid by the merchant, producer, or the advertiser – the ones whose product/service is being marketed – for a specific task. So, an affiliate just chooses a brand, product, or service that he/she feels most connected to, or has expertise in, and then join hands with the producer of the said product/service to market it via his/her own network to a selected consumer base.

Since the product or service that an affiliate chooses to market, caters to a very niche audience under his niche domain of expertise, the promotions done via the affiliate marketing so adopted, are more successful and more likely to convert. And affiliate marketing for beginners is just as easy. It’s not even the question of how to make money fast anymore. It’s rather a question of making the money in a sustainable way.

A few stats to show the increasing trend & sustainability of the affiliate marketing programmes as compiled by Web Market Support are as below:

  • Affiliate marketing accounted for 7.5% of the total spending by an online consumer.
  • About $5.94 Billion were spent by the online consumers under the influence of affiliate marketing in the year 2018, with $6.82 Billion forecasted for the year 2020.
  • 81% of the online consumer brands used affiliate marketing for their marketing programmes in the year 2018.

So, the various affiliate marketing programmes do not only let you earn money online, without much of an investment, they also help the companies increase their reach. Obviously, affiliate marketing for beginners can be a little daunting, but it gets easier along the way, and it is one of the easiest ways yet, to earn money online, sitting at your home, or even while sleeping! So, the next time someone asks you to recommend them as to how to make money fast, just recommend affiliate marketing to them.



Recurring Commission


Why do you need to become an Affiliate?

Would you like to earn money online, sitting on your laptop, over going out and engaging in manual labour? Have you been hounding the internet with the searches that ultimately end with “how to make money fast”, “easy ways to make money”, “earn money online”, and have access to certain loyal audience via your social media charm, a travel blog, or even a data bank of e-mail addresses for that matter? Well, it is needless to say now, that if the answers to all these questions is a yes, then affiliate marketing is definitely for you. And even if the answers to some of those questions were a big NO, who doesn’t want access to some easy ways to make money, anyhow? And as discussed so far, the affiliate marketing programmes over the internet, are full of these easy ways to make money.

Over and above the brief discussion above, here are some more reasons for anyone to consider being an Affiliate:

  • An affiliate doesn’t need to be on regular office duty, unlike most other professions, and the advertising campaign once set up and published, even the affiliate marketing for beginners is really easy & makes the affiliate free of any extra work required. And so, the sayings of there are no easy ways to make money don’t really apply here.
  • The answer to your very human question of “how to make money fast?”, lies with the affiliate marketing programmes. As said earlier, you don’t need to bother with after sales service or customer satisfaction, once the sales happen. You get your commission regardless of the outcome after the final sale.
  • You can easily work from home, at your own will and convenience, and get rewarded for the performance. So, the harder you work, the more you earn. And affiliate marketing for beginners is as lucrative as it is for the professionals.

How does it work?

Much like all other affiliate marketing programmes over the web, that let you earn money online, our programme also works on a referral basis.

First, you register with us on for the programme. Then you get a referral link. All you need to do is, spread this referral link to as large an audience as you possibly can. And with each purchase of our product that happens via your referral link, you get a 20% recurring commission.

So yes, there are easy ways to make money, and then there is the easier option of affiliate marketing.

How much will I earn?

A valid question as any. As mentioned earlier, you get a 20% recurring commission of every sale that happens via your referral link. And your bank account will be credited in full once your outstanding payment account reaches $50.


What is the CallHippo Affiliate Program?

The CallHippo Affiliate Program offers you a chance to earn money over the web on a referral basis. To leverage this opportunity,

  • You must become a CallHippo Affiliate by joining our CallHippo Affiliate Program.
  • We will then provide you a referral link.
  • You have to share this referral link to as much audience as possible – you can choose different platforms for sharing it – websites, articles, blogs, or social media platforms.
  • Whenever any visitor makes a purchase of our product via your referral link, you earn 20% recurring commission.
For what reasons should I join the CallHippo Affiliate Program?

CallHippo Affiliate Program provides you a golden chance to work with the leading provider of VoIP Services and gain insights into boosting your business productivity.

With this program, you can make an extra income without doing much. All you require doing is sharing the referral link with your audience.

How can I become a CallHippo Affiliate?

You can become an affiliate in less than a minute. Visit, click on BECOME AN AFFILIATE NOW, fill the application form, and you are good to go.

Can I participate if I live outside the US?

No matter wherever you live, you can always be a part of the CallHippo Affiliate Program.

How will my sign-ups be tracked?

Once you sign up to become an affiliate, you will get your account created by the first promoter. You can log in to this account and track the process on your own.

What kind of advertising can I do?

You can make use of different advertising mediums to make your referral link reach a maximum audience. It can be your Website, Blogs, Social Media platforms, and even Banners.


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