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Online Phone Number

What Is An Online Phone Number?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) or Online mobile number is rooted on the web that allows you to receive and make calls from any data-driven device using the internet. It does not require any specific hardware/handset and can be used through any digital device.

Online numbers can easily be purchased and accessed over the web from any VoIP provider. Unlike traditional phone numbers, these numbers are not attached to a particular phone or SIM card and are connected to your online telephony account. This allows you to switch between VoIP providers readily as per your needs/convenience without changing your number.

How To Get an Online Phone Number

Buy Our Online Number For Making Calls

  • Streamline and automate business processes
  • Make calls on the go
  • Customized solutions for your business
  • Monitor live calls through call barging
  • Protect client identity with a virtual phone number


How Does An Online Telephone Number Work?

Virtual Phone numbers can easily be purchased through a VoIP or telecom company. There are multiple plans and packages available from each service provider, which you can avail of based on your calling needs. An online number works by connecting two (or more) numbers via the internet instead of telephone lines or switchboards.

The only apparatus that you need for making calls is a stable Wi-Fi or LAN connection and a digital device. Once an internet connection is set up, you can log in to the interface of your internet number’s service provider for making phone calls and also you can send or receive SMS online from your virtual number.

Why Shift To Our Cloud-Based Phone Numbers?

With a cloud-based phone system, you can make calls using Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number, also known as online mobile phone number.

These DID numbers are pretty much like regular telephone numbers, but they are hosted on the internet. You can make and receive calls on any device with a decent internet connection such as your laptop, desktop computer, or mobile phone. An online telephone does not have a physical phone line associated with it.

Unlike traditional PBX systems, these new-age online phone systems focus on making the process easy for businesses. The main benefit of online communication is, you can even track these calls and monitor the performance of your agents.

Just like regular phone numbers, there are two types of DID numbers as well:

  • Virtual Local Phone Number – As the name suggests, a virtual local phone number is one that comes with the specific area code of the region for which you need the number. Even though it’s a virtual number, it looks just like any other number belonging to that region.
  • Toll-Free Phone Number – A toll free number is widely used for commercial purposes. Customers can call on this number without incurring any call charges.

What Are The Features Of Online Phone Numbers?

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Deliver your daily calling commitments like a pro with CallHippo’s super-efficient Power Dialer function.

Smart Switch
Smart Switch

Multiple telephony providers before placing a call. You can now safely bid adieu to all your call connectivity issues.

Global Connect
Global Connect

Global Connect helps you know the right time to call your international clients.

Smart Call Forwarding
Smart Call Forwarding

Each user can choose to have calls forwarded to several phones, to remain reachable even on-the-go.

Call Transfer
Call Transfer

The Call Transfer feature allows you to redirect a connected call from your phone number to a team member.

Call Conference
Call Conference

It’s a feature that will enable you to add a third person to your two-way call and turn it into a 3-way conference.

Call Queuing
Call Queuing Software

A Call Queue places incoming call in a line when the agent is busy attending other customers.

Call Barging
Call Barging

Call Barging is when a supervisor who is silently monitoring the call decides to enter the conference bridge.

Call Recording
Call Recording

Record every call on each of your numbers to better monitor your performance as a team.

Voice Mail
Voice Mail

Receive voicemails by email in your inbox. Play them directly from your email.

Call Analytics
Call Analytics

Track your phone support performance. Measure the % of missed calls, call load of each teammate, etc.

On Hold Music
On Hold Music

On Hold Music from CallHippo is a great way to keep your callers happy and engaged while on hold or upload your own custom music.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Telephone Number?

Here are some of the benefits of choosing a cloud-based online number from CallHippo:

  • Affordability

CallHippo’s virtual phone numbers are very affordable. You will never have to worry about exorbitant long-distance phone bills. CallHippo’s monthly plans are far cheaper. Furthermore, your clients will be able to call your virtual number at local call rates, no matter where you are in the world.

  • Mobility

The best part about buying an number from CallHippo is that you do not need any additional equipment or hardware to use your phone number. All you need is a stable internet connection and an internet-enabled device such as a laptop, smart cell phone, or tablet and you will be able to make and receive calls and sms messages no matter where you are and even when you are on-the-go.

  • Advanced Features

When you purchase a virtual phone number from CallHippo, you can choose from a range of advanced features such as auto-dialing, call forwarding, call recording, reporting, and analytics, etc. that fit the needs of your business and create a solution that can streamline and automate various processes in your contact center.

By leveraging CallHippo’s wide range of features and benefits for your contact center, you will be able to take your customer experience to a whole new level. You will be able to expand your customer base and make your business more profitable over time.

Set Up Your Phone System In 4 Easy Steps

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Add Users

Create your team and invite agents

Start Calling

Start Calling and Receiving Calls around the World

Track Calls

Get detailed caller insights and identify the best prospects

Why Should Businesses Use Our Phone Numbers?

CallHippo is a leading cloud-based virtual phone system provider that offers local and toll-free numbers for over 50 countries across the world. Let’s take a look at some of the ways a online mobile number from CallHippo is one of the best options out there:

Boost Agent Productivity

  • Automatic call routing detects an idle agent and directs customer calls to them.
  • You can generate custom reports and monitor agent performance in real-time. You can track KPIs like call abandonment rates and occupancy times, which can be significant indicators of your process’s hygiene.

Safeguard Employee And Client Identity

  • Online number solutions can safeguard the identity of your employees and your clients by masking personal phone numbers for both incoming as well as outgoing calls.

Manage Business Calls Anytime, Anywhere

  • Online phone numbers give you the flexibility to manage your business without being chained to your seat. Calls can be forwarded to personal mobile phones, so you operate your business anytime, anywhere.

Better Training And Quality Assurance

  • You can monitor active calls through call barging or refer to a call recording at a later time. Both these activities help you improve your processes and ultimately provide a better experience.

Better Customer Experience

  • Call routing rules and IVR systems help a customer navigate through your menu and direct themselves to the appropriate agent.
  • Customized greetings, welcome text messages, call wait music and more keep the callers engaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions of Online Phone Number

How To Buy An Online Phone Number?
Using CallHippo you to buy online mobile numbers from 50+ countries. All you need to do is sign up, add users, and start making and receiving calls in less than three minutes.
Why Buy An Mobile Number From CallHippo?
There are many benefits of buying an mobile number from CallHippo that include mobility, cost-effectiveness, and advanced functionality such as call recording, reporting, analytics, and interactive voice response.
How Much Does An Online Phone Number Cost?
An online number costs between $7-$20 per month. However, the costs of the number may vary from country to country. 
Can I Make And Receive Normal Calls With An Online Number?
Yes, you can use your online number to make and receive normal calls.
How To Make An Online Call?
To make a call with your virtual number, Follow these steps:-

  1. Open CallHippo
  2. Work on call center setup
  3. Add users and get your numbers
  4. Start Calling
How Can I get Free Online Phone Number?

You can get a free online phone number under CallHippo’s Start up program. All you need to do is apply for it and if your organisation full fills the requirements your application will be approved.

Can I get Online Phone Number For Sending SMS?

Yes. Sending SMS from Online Phone Number depends on the number capabilites. Some countries allow sending SMS from online phone number others dont. Check with your online phone number provider.

Can I use Online Phone Number for Verification?

Yes you can use Online Phone Number for verfication. However, some platforms dont allow the use of online phone numbers for verification. 

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