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CallHippo + Enthu AI Integration

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Enthu AI Integration Feature

Personalize Every Interaction
Personalize Every Interaction

CallHippo instantly displays a customer’s Enthu contact history and information when a call is connected. Agents can use this information to personalize interactions and provide optimal service.

Boost Agent Productivity
Boost Agent Productivity

Save agents the inefficiency of switching between two applications by performing CallHippo's actions within Enthu AI. Enthu AI automatically flags the calls that should be prioritized for hearing by the QA teams, thus saving lots of call listening time. A 30 minutes call can be analyzed in less than a minute.

Streamline Agent Workflow
Streamline Agent Workflow

CallHippo’s automated workflows eliminate the need to manually enter data in two different systems. Save agents time by configuring certain CallHippo events and surface out critical call moments that can be used as starting parameters for coaching & training.

Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization

CallHippo automatically synchronizes contacts and activities between Enthu AI and CallHippo in real-time. When agents have the most up-to-date information, you can share feedback across teams and bookmark calls for internal hearing, which can better serve your customers’ needs.

Want to Integrate Enthu AI with CallHippo?

Make Calls from Enthu AI

With this Integration, you can call directly from Enthu in a speedy way, and it can empower calling teams to speed up their call QA process by 10X.

Analyze your Calls

With Enthu AI, you can analyze all the calls that can help the team members to be more productive, focus on the areas which have been flagged, and improvements can be made with particular solutions.

CallHippo Integration with Enthu AI

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