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CallHippo + Klaus Integration

Start Managing Your Sales And Support With Our Advanced Klaus Integration.

Enhance agent productivity and enable dual-way data synchronization with the seamless integration of CallHippo and Klaus. Merge client details, listen to call recordings, and access the status report in real-time and more by signing up with CallHippo right now!

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Klaus Integration Feature

Personalize Every Interaction
Personalize Every Interaction

CallHippo displays the customer's full information instantly on the screen that enables the agent to customize the interaction and offer optimal service.

Boost Agent Productivity
Boost Agent Productivity

This feature saves a lot of precious time that gets consumed while switching between two applications. CallHippo’s integration with Klaus boosts the productivity of sales and support executives.

Streamline Agent Workflow
Streamline Agent Workflow

CallHippo integrates with Klaus effortlessly. It does not require complex programming and automatically synchronizes the contacts in real-time.

Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization

CallHippo automatically synchronizes the contacts and other activity details between CallHippo & Klaus. It always keeps the executive up-to-date, which enables them to serve the customers in better ways.

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Call Recordings

Easily filter and find calls you’d like to review. You can listen to the call recordings and comment on notes as well as leave valuable feedback that helps agents in sharpening their skills.

Status Report

Add status notes automatically with each call. With a quick and easy setup of Klaus, you can give feedback to the agents in a systematic and intuitive manner. You will be able to gain control over your customer service quality, bring consistency into your support interactions, and boost customer satisfaction.

CallHippo Integration with klaus

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