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CallHippo + Wingman Integration

Manage Your Sales & Support With Wingman Integration

With CallHippo’s Wingman integration, you can automatically record and transcribe all your sales meetings and demos. Wingman analyzes them for insights you need to win more deals, speed up onboarding, and improve call coaching.

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Wingman Integration Features

Personalize Every Interaction
Sales Conversation Intelligence

CallHippo automatically syncs call recordings with Wingman, so reps can use conversation intelligence from all sales calls to tailor their pitch and close more deals.

Boost Agent Productivity
Boost Agent Productivity

Save reps the inefficiency of shuffling apps and tools to access and review their sales calls. Reps can filter CallHippo recordings by disposition, deal stage and so on without ever leaving Wingman.

Streamline Agent Workflow
Streamline Agent Workflow

CallHippo’s Wingman integration eliminates the need to manually filter, review and analyze data in different systems, making sales coaching and pipeline reviews faster and more effective.

Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization

CallHippo synchronizes activities between Wingman and CallHippo in real-time, so you can review your recording almost as soon as the call ends. When reps have the most up-to-date information, they sell better.

Want to Integrate Wingman with CallHippo?

Rapidly review your sales calls in Wingman

Forget the notes and review calls faster with CallHippo’s Wingman integration. Wingman’s AI automagically transcribes your call recordings, detecting keywords, topics, competitor mentions and next steps, so you can focus on your prospects. On the conversations. On moving them forward. And when you call ends, your recording is ready to review. That goes for all your sales calls. Your team’s too.

CallHippo Integration with wingman
CallHippo Integration with wingman

Spot winning sales tactics and create game tapes

Wingman’s AI does the heavy lifting, so you can quickly evaluate correlations between variables like cold call openings or objection handling and deal outcomes—know what wins you deals (and what stalls them). All your recordings from CallHippo are synced with Wingman, so creating a library of game tapes—think playlists of key snippets from your sales calls—for onboarding best practices, discovery checklists, objection handling and so on is easy too!

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