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Auto-Create Campaign | Get Your Campaign Leads Right in The CallHippo App!

The Auto-Create campaign feature is an automated system with triggers. As soon as a lead is created on your CRM, it will be reflected in the power dialer with three triggers: lead creation, lead updation, or lead stage change. Currently, it is only available with Leadsquared CRM.

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What Is the Purpose of the Auto-Create Campaign Feature?

With the Auto-Create Campaign feature, you can directly pass on the lead flow to your sales team. So forget about data entry, spreadsheet management, and trigger headaches. With this feature integration, your leads will be automatically added to your power dialer.

Leads are created every day, but many salespeople don’t have time to call them. The auto-create campaign feature, along with the power dialer, can automatically call leads, so you never have to worry about being behind on leads again or letting them slip through the cracks.

Sales Automation is an intelligent tool. If used properly, it can convert leads into potential customers and give you a serious way to get ahead of your competitors (without the stress).

Auto-Create Campaign
With such advanced technology, your teams can now focus on other more valuable areas than dialing calls manually.

For example, instead of spending hours each week making numerous outbound calls manually, they can use that precious time for other activities such as sending emails or SMSs to their leads, analyzing the campaign’s performance, and much more.

This feature has been designed to help our clients save resources by generating automated campaigns. It’s important to know that the auto-create campaign feature is an intelligent function that will save you time and ensure that you run a quality campaign every time. Rest assured that agents will be able to dial back-to-back leads as soon as possible.

What Are The Key Benefits of Auto-create Campaign Feature?

While this feature has numerous benefits, we have listed down the most evident ones here.

1. It Ensures No Lead is Forgotten

Auto-create campaign feature ensures all your leads are accounted for and generates reports to help you draw insights on how effectively you are engaging with your target audiences.

The auto-create campaign feature ensures that no lead is left forgotten. It builds your campaigns for you, saving your time and allowing you to focus on more important things than tracking leads manually with spreadsheets, calendars, and everything else.

2. It Allows Quick Responses

Auto-create campaign feature will enable instant responses. It is a great way to start a conversation and allow quick responses, which is important when a lead has filled out a form on your website and has to wait to be contacted by a sales rep.

For example, when someone fills out a form on your site and has to wait to be contacted by a sales rep, they might get impatient with the lag time. This ensures that leads know that you’re there for them and that your team will be in touch as quickly as possible.

3. It Increases Accuracy

A by-product of automation is greater accuracy. The more times you perform a task, the more opportunities you have to make a mistake. Thus, saving yourself the manual repetition of dialing the lead contact reduces the chance of errors.

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