With the ever-increasing competition between businesses, it becomes imperative for a company to maintain a healthy client-company relationship. Building and maintaining trust is the key to customer success and client retention, and customer support goes a long way in this respect.

Why Is Customer Support Important?

Having an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for your good old phone-based customer support mechanism is highly beneficial as it enables businesses to connect and respond to customers quickly, and ultimately, without the intervention of an agent. An IVR is generally used in customer support where it helps customers to reach the right person through keypad inputs.

Moreover, Cloud-based IVR systems (Cloud Telephony), provided by cloud telephony service providers, are flexible to implement and avoid costly and unwieldy infrastructure. A thoughtfully deployed IVR from one of the popular IVR service providers is a confidence builder for customers – imagine the delight of approaching a support call with pleasure instead of dread.

How can the IVR system improve your Customer Services?

1. Convenience through automation: IVR services give satisfaction to the customers that they’re being better attended to as when a customer is calling with specific questions, the automation can generate quick responses that are informative, plus, time-efficient thus IVR contributes towards customer service effectively.

2. Vernacular – With technological advancements in the IVR systems, it is now possible to present their IVR in multiple languages based on their demographic target. This helps in building more trust amongst the customers.

3. Call Routing – Manage customer support effectively: Intricate concerns that need the assistance of customer service attendant can be directed to the concerned department in the company. Customer frequency resolution rises when calls go to a suitable agent to assist the caller.

4. Understand your customers in a better fashion: Through IVR systems, it becomes easy to gather client information swiftly. The enterprises can use this customer information judiciously and enable them to make the right decisions.

How does an IVR work

IVR service providers generally offer two types of Interactive Voice Response systems:  Inbound and Outbound. Usually, companies use the inbound IVR system for customer support to help people who call on their helpline number. On the other hand, an outbound IVR is where the system will dial only outgoing calls for the survey, notification calls, employee reviews, or customer feedback.

Now, let’s come to how does an Interactive Voice Response actually works. We all have experienced an IVR system when we contact our network service provider:

Press 1 – To Know Your Current Plan

Press 2 – To Know Your Data Balance

Press 3 – To Talk to Our Customer Care Executive

Also, there is a Multi-level Interactive Voice Response system that is included in IVR. Basically, when your queries are concentrated, companies assign a specific person or group to handle that issue. Let’s take a simple example of an e-commerce purchase. Suppose, you have bought a pair of jeans from an E-Commerce store, now, you want to track that product. You will call the customer care number, and IVR will be live:

Press 1 – To know your account details

Press 2 – To know your purchase details

Press 3 – To cancel your order

Press 4 – To talk to our customer care executive

As you want to track your order, you will hit 2. Now, another IVR will be played, and this IVR will lead you to a more focused solution.

Press 1 – To know your recent purchase

Press 2 – To track your recent order

Press 3 – To change the delivery address

Of course, you will press 2. So, a multi-level IVR system is designed to drive customers to a specific person who is assigned to solve that particular problem.


Apart from providing a free IVR in virtual phone number, IVR service providers offer a range of benefits that add value to your customer support mechanism:

    1. Easy customer identification process: Spend less amount of time and resources in the filtering process. Automation through voice prompts enables you and your company to focus on making the right strategies for customer success. Identification of the right customer is taken care of.
    2. Prioritize your focus: Through the feature of prioritizing calls, your company can channel potential leads or important clients and can direct your efforts accordingly.
    3. Personalize messages and prompts: The ability to track the campaigns that are driving the conversations means you can analyze and adjust your messages and responses. Giving the right message at the right place and at the right time is the key to building trust.
    4. Scalability: Through the automation of your call support, you don’t require extra manpower when there is a surge in inbound customer calling at your office space. This is one of the primary benefits of using Interactive voice response at your office as well.
    5. Track and report customer issues to improve future service: Conducting customer surveys and tracking marketing and sales activities bring valuable insights that are bound to fuel customer experience, target the right prospects, support sales efforts, and improve revenue strategies.

Moving on from the advantages of a free IVR in Virtual phone system, many cloud telephony service providers are switching to Virtual phone system these days to attract more customers and companies and thus gain enormous margins.

How to set a free IVR in Virtual phone system using CallHippo IVR System?

Cloud telephony reduces expense when used in the form of IVR in virtual phone system. Though, there are many cloud telephony service providers in the market, CallHippo IVR system leading the  IVR service providers with a successful free IVR in Virtual phone system.

Here are the things to keep in mind before setting up a CallHippo IVR system:

  • Make sure you have limited and concentrated the list of options.
  • Set up your options taking care of the priority of the customers.
  • The choices should sound clear without any bugs.
  • Include language option(s) if you reside in a multilingual country
  • Give customers “expected wait time”.

You can expect the same benefits from CallHippo IVR system. Just like the PBX IVR system, IVR in Virtual Phone System works. Rather you enjoy free IVR in Virtual phone system. CallHippo is one of the cloud telephony service providers offers free IVR services.

Note:- Please check our updated pricing plans.

Updated : July 26, 2021


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