Salesforce is a company that offers cloud computing services. Someone who is not so familiar with cloud computing may wonder what it is and how it is important. Well, cloud computing allows you to access your database and share resources to and from anywhere in the world. This makes your work much more efficient and simpler to carry out and also reduces the costs of getting new hardware or software equipment that would be required without cloud computing. Along with such services, Salesforce also offers IT certifications. Let’s find out more about them.

Salesforce certifications

Salesforce offers credentials for various roles like Administrator, Architect, Developer, Marketer, and Consultant. Listed below are certifications available under each role:

  • Administrator

As a Salesforce administrator, your job would be to administrate the functions to be carried out. These certifications prove your skills in that area:

    • Administrator
    • Advanced Administrator
    • Platform App Builder
    • CPQ Specialist
  • Architect

Salesforce architects solve problems and design systems that are competent and flawless. Here’s a list of credentials offered for Salesforce architects: 

    • Technical Architect
    • Application Architect
    • System Architect
    • Heroku Architecture Designer
  • Developer

Salesforce developers develop and customize various apps to suit a customer’s needs. Some credentials that verify your skills in those areas are:

    • Platform App Builder
    • Platform Developer I
    • Platform Developer II
    • B2C Commerce Developer
    • Marketing Cloud Developer
  • Marketer

The job of a Salesforce marketer is to carry out marketing campaigns to get in touch with potential customers. These certifications validate your skills as a Salesforce marketer:

    • Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
    • Marketing Cloud Consultant
    • Marketing Cloud Developer
    • Pardot Consultant
    • Pardot Specialist
  • Consultant

Salesforce consultants customize platforms and help stakeholders gain the most out of Salesforce. Some certifications that prove you are competent in Salesforce consultations are:

    • Community Cloud Consultant
    • Education Cloud Consultant
    • Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant
    • Field Service Lightning Consultant
    • Marketing Cloud Consultant
    • Nonprofit Cloud Consultant
    • Pardot Consultant
    • Sales Cloud Consultant
    • Service Cloud Consultant

Benefits of having a Salesforce certification

You know now that Salesforce offers many certifications. But why would anybody look for a certification? Why do you need to get certified? There are several reasons why. The world is now very different from what it was a couple of years ago. Having a basic degree in IT would have sufficed to get a good job at a good organization back then. But things are not so easy now. Here’s how a Salesforce certification can be beneficial for you:

  • Provides validation

Since there are more and more people coming into the field of IT, there are many potential candidates who are adequate to fill in for a job in IT. So when recruiting people out of the many potential candidates, employers look for something more than the basic degree. They look for more qualifications and skills. This is where certifications come in. The main purpose of a certification is to verify your skills. If you just walk into an interview and say that you have some skills (without proving it), no one’s going to take you on your word unless you provide proof. A certification shows whoever it may concern that you actually do possess the said skills.

  • More job opportunities and a higher salary

Another benefit of having a Salesforce certification is that you get access to more job opportunities. There is an uncountable number of jobs in the field of IT. And to gain access to them you need to fulfill certain requirements that are listed in the job descriptions. Salesforce certifications can give you access to various jobs in administrating, architecture, consulting, marketing and developing. Note that according to the Payscale website your average salary will be about $75K yearly.

  • Updates your knowledge and skills

When compared to all other fields of study and work, IT can be considered to be the area in which new developments and discoveries are made at the highest rate. Due to this, it can be hard to keep up. Salesforce being a professional certification provider always makes sure to keep their credentials and relevant courses up to date. When there are significant changes or developments in the field that will affect the area related to the certifications, Salesforce updates its credentials. So the path towards earning a Salesforce certification will help you update yourself since you have to learn the new skills to pass the exams and earn the certification.

  • Job security

Job security is hard to attain in the field of IT. And that’s because as mentioned before, the field of IT is very dynamic. Once changes are made, you will not be the most suitable person for the job unless you acquire the new skills required to perform at the level expected by your employer. By earning a Salesforce certification that is related to your job you can continue being a valuable asset to your organization and ensure job security.

  • Accepted worldwide

Salesforce certifications are accepted in many countries and organizations worldwide. So having a Salesforce certification makes everything more accessible to you and you won’t have to earn several certifications to suit different organizations.

Salesforce exam overview and prep web resources

The Salesforce exams generally consist of 60 MCQ questions to be answered within varying time durations (60-120 minutes), and the passing score is 65%. The general price for a Salesforce exam is $200, still, if you are sitting for the exam that leads to earning any of the architect credentials, you’ll have to pay $400. The tests are available in the English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Spanish languages. 

There are many resources available to help you prepare for the Salesforce exams. Along with the vendor’s website, visit the PrepAway online platform. It offers a valuable collection of files containing questions and answers that are highly reliable. Among other optional web resources, you can check ExamSnap, ExamCollection, and Exam-Labs.

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Having a certification is now considered compulsory if you want to reach the peak of your career, especially in IT. But just any certification will not do. You need to have one that brings you many benefits and is valid worldwide. A Salesforce certification is perfect for it. Gaining the one that you need provides you with many benefits like skills validation, job security, more job opportunities, etc. And by using the best resources available you too can earn such credentials by passing a required certification exam. 

Updated : October 19, 2021


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