No matter how simple or complex your business is, retaining your customers and prospect data can be like a gold mine of information. According to a report by IBM if you nurture your leads in the CRM system there are 47 % of chances that they will get converted into loyal customers.

At CallHippo we understand how important CRM can be to build a relationship, do business and generate revenue out of it. So here we bring you a brand new and a universally recognized integration “Zapier” that will help your CRM to connect with ours seamlessly. Did you ever want to have two apps you frequently use to pass critical information between each other, automatically?

This is not it, we have something else in the bucket too, if you have Zapier Integration you can connect to more than 1000 apps and can do much more out of a virtual phone system.

Welcome to the Zapier World

Zapier is a platform which will help you connect different application like a Lego block.

The best part about using Zapier is that it takes the convenience of the apps you are already using. Zapier is not only about the seamless transfer of information, but it is also used to automate tasks using “Triggers” and “Actions”.

For example, you can set up ZAP triggers for each call that you make or receive. You can send an email to your customer, make an entry in the Google sheet or the best option is to capture the activity In the CRM itself. You can get all the information you want regarding the calls made or received if you create Zaps on Zapier.

Any business currently using Zapier can automate their work-flow and can revamp their customer service and internal communication.

CallHippo has Created Zaps for adding, deleting and updating contacts and deals. Once your CRM is integrated with CallHippo you can handle all your activities from the CRM itself. A click to call action will be available in your CRM with all the features that you have purchased with the Virtual Phone number. You can record the calls, schedule it, set IVR’s, etc. all from the CRM itself. You can also create Zaps with another app available in Zapier to receive a notification whenever any action takes place during the call. For example, you can set automated notifications for missed calls via SMS, Gmail, etc., use it to archive voice recording or email attachments in Google Drive folders.

With CallHippo integration with Zapier, you can now connect your virtual phone number with your CRM software, collaboration tools and get the flexibility of using additional 1000 + services. CallHippo integration with Zapier will make business communication easier and cost-effective.

Benefits of using a Zapier

1)By using Zapier you can automate various business tasks and process which would otherwise occupy a lot of your valuable time. Save yourself from entering the same data into a myriad number of systems and let your computer do it for you within a few seconds. You can use this time to interact with the clients instead of wasting it in data-entry.

2) Spelling mistakes in name or address, incorrect phone number, missing data are some of the errors that occur from manual data entry. You can automate the data entry process using Zapier and can make sure all the data gets copied correctly.

3) You don’t have to hire freelancers, interns or developers and spend on them to build integrations.

4) No need to perform complex installations or replacements of software infrastructures as a number of premade and seamless integrations are already available with Zapier.

5) The Zapier integration is supported by various devices like Windows, Mac, and Web

Wrapping Up..!!

In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, a super-power like Zapier to embed communication functions into other business software apps can maximize efficiency for both internal as well as external communications. Want to automate a new task, don’t sweat just set a Zap.

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