The land of the midnight sun, Norway is on a fast growth track. Economists have concluded that Norway’s economic growth has reached the most rapid pace in more than four years, boosted by strong consumer spending. It is a ripe time for commercial opportunities and is a market that is openly favorable to global investments.

Organizations across the globe are entering Norwegian markets for higher business revenues and attaining a strong consumer base. Unlike most millennials, young Norwegian citizens are rich and have achieved a 13% rise in disposable income. This indicates that they have a keen propensity for consumerism, and is a core factor that leads to stronger economies such as the United States towards investing in Norway.

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Communication is an essential factor for any business organization. If your company is expanding operations to Norway, it is vital to have a good communication set up so that you can gain credibility with local clients and build up a brand presence. Cities such as Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger are vast areas to diversify into as they have the ideal climate for business growth and easy regulations.

The best virtual phone number provider in Norway is a highly popular medium as they help businesses easily make calls to Norway, irrespective of their physical geographical location. Scalable, customizable and cost-effective – virtual phone systems are a radical innovation that can streamline multiple channels of communication and helps in better team collaboration. Organizations that deal with frequent customer calls can also benefit through a toll-free phone number. This would enable them to undertake a high volume of client calls and speedily solve their queries or complaints.

How to Call Norway From the United States?


While the benefits of virtual phone numbers are now widely accepted, organizations often find it confusing or difficult to call Norway from the United States. It seems that there are a million annoying steps, and users are often worried about getting a Norway virtual phone number due to complexity. Well, that is far from the truth, as setting up a virtual phone system takes a couple of minutes and is maintenance-free.

To understand better, let us take a look at dialing instructions to make quick calls to Norway.
The first step is to dial the US exit code 011 to make calls to an international destination.
After the exit code, we have to dial the Norway country code +47.
We can then directly dial the eight-digit Norway numbers.

So, our dialing format for Norway from the United States would look like this:

011 – 47- XXXX-XXXX

Organizations can also choose to invest in local Norway phone numbers – it would be required to add the local region code before dialing the number. This is a great way to gain customer trust and establish a strong rapport with locally-based clients. Here are the calling codes of some major cities in Norway:


Norway citiesCodes


Benefits of A Norway Virtual Phone Number:

It is a tough decision to make the switch from a traditional phone system and adopt a virtual number for Call & SMS for business needs. Well, the good news is that getting a Norway virtual phone number will be a super beneficial decision – one that is sure to give a fantastic return on investment in the long run. Here are a few compelling reasons that will motivate you to get a virtual phone system:

Cost-Effective: Virtual phone numbers can help any organization save tons of money through economic calling plans. Most virtual phone service providers offer subsidized pricing packages that are sure to lower your communication expenses. It is a fast way to boost overall profitability and save precious money on international or local calls.

Quality Customer Service: 1800-800-777-888 toll-free numbers are a huge asset that can enhance the quality of customer service. Clients do not need to wait for open office hours and can get in touch with support staff representatives at any time of the time. All their complaints or grievances can get instantly resolved. Hence virtual phone numbers are the best way to kick up customer engagement levels to the maximum!

Better Accessibility: One of the most significant advantages of virtual phone systems is that they provide very high accessibility. Since calls are received or made through the internet, employees can connect at any time, even if they are away from the physical office premises. It enhances mobility, and ensures that not even a single call is missed, thereby increasing work productivity exponentially!

Call Norway From the US

World-Class Features: Virtual phone numbers have a range of sophisticated features that boost operational efficiency, team collaboration and promote effective data sharing. Features such as call forwarding, voicemail, call barging, three-way conferencing and call recording go a long way in ensuring seamless communication channels. Virtual phone systems are also scalable. Hence extra modules can be purchased by organizational growth and future diversification.

Norway is a buzzing cosmopolitan arena with tons of business opportunities in all industrial sectors. There is no doubt that it will develop into a prime global commercial market in the times to come. Investing in a Norway virtual phone number is a smart competitive move that can give your organization an edge over rivals in the region. It can instantly attract local customers to your business and help them connect to your staff members easily.

Unleash the power of virtual phone solutions to witness a dramatic increase in your customer base. Getting a virtual phone number can raise your customer satisfaction rankings and keep your valued clients delighted with superior service performance. So, do not hesitate, go ahead and get a Norway virtual phone number at the earliest. It will help your clients in making calls from the United States in a jiffy, and escalate all your vital profitability parameters to the highest possible levels!

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