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Offer exceptional customer service, enhance sales efficiency, and store all calls in one place through the CallHippo-EngageBay integration. Do more than just call: track and record them, get call analytics, and use the Global Connect tool to manage international clients seamlessly.

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EngageBay Integration Features

Personalize Customer Relationships
Personalize Customer Relationships

As soon as a call gets connected, CallHippo displays the complete history of the customer through EngageBay’s CRM. With this information, sales and service reps can offer personalized recommendations and tailored solutions.

Boost Agent Productivity
Boost Team Productivity

In-app CRM telephony means agents don’t have to switch between applications anymore. Team members can record calls, add notes, access customer history, and update information without ever leaving EngageBay.

Agent Workflow
Automate Workflows

CallHippo’s workflow automation eliminates the need for manual entry on two different systems. All activities across both EngageBay and CallHippo are automatically updated as they happen.

Synchronize Data Seamlessly
Synchronize Data Seamlessly

With the CallHippo-EngageBay integration, all contacts and activities get synced in real-time. This up-to-date information helps agents sell faster and serve customers better.

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Make and Receive Calls From EngageBay

Using the click-to-dial feature within EngageBay, you can quickly start conversations with your prospects and customers. Track any changes made through EngageBay directly within CallHippo.

Use callback requests to ensure a missed call never means a lost lead.

Also, you can power dial through sales leads after loading a list from EngageBay. This enables your sales agents to call a long list of customers and prospects instantly.

Make and Receive Calls From EngageBay
Track All Your Call Activities in EngageBay

Track All Your Call Activities in EngageBay

With EngageBay integration, you can keep a tab on all your call activities without ever leaving CallHippo. All call logs, messages, notes, and other activities are tracked and automatically registered in the activity section of that particular contact.

This eliminates the need to swap between multiple windows.

Access Call Recording and Voicemail

You can record calls to analyze the productivity and performance of your employees, review data, and train new members. More importantly, it’s a way to take a step back and figure out what areas can be improved to enhance the quality of a business call. Free yourself up from the hassles of manually searching for specific recordings or voicemails - you can access all of them directly from CallHippo to ease your work.

Access Call Recording and Voicemail

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Last updated: October 19, 2021